• I'm reding the magican ( book # 2 ) by Micheal Scott ( the Immortal secrets of Nicholas Fleamel Series) Intersting talks about Paris and meeting Joan of arc who knew Scatty a scotttish warrior, and some surprises along the way. :-)
  • Hello book lovers glad I found this group my reading interests are selfimprovments/ wellness Sprituality . Art history and some painters, science fiction fanasty, disabity topics, romance paranormal etc The only category I don't like is horror ( too scary and frightening for me ) hope to find some friends would be nice…
  • Omg I read some self help/ wellness / spirituality -- too one book comes to mind is Jillian Micheals Unlimited- she tells as it is and moviativing way to encourage to try newer steps to improve yourself- try it !
  • Hello book lovers Lets see the book im reading is The Achyliymst series by Micheal scott. Very intersting sreies in terms of the characters and the locations they treval to. I read wellness, fanasty pararnormal stuff too.:happy:
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