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  • So funny... That's exactly what happened with me a year ago! Just 2 wks into new ownership, then 3 months off. I wish you a speedy and happy healing.
  • Congrats on your new addition. She has a lovely face.
  • In June I rode in a 3-day Pat Puckett clinic here in SoCal (his passion is the Californio bridle horse) and got to work with my girl on cows the 3rd day (love the cows!). Planning to attend another in October along with one evening's roping class. Next spring I plan to ride with Buck Brannaman in Horsemanship 1 (I…
  • I, too, LOVE this book. A wealth of resources I return to again and again. PS - Coming up on my one-year anniversary of getting back in the saddle after a 25-year absence.
  • Sounds like you listened to your heart. "Happy Reuniting" with Dixie!
  • I'm MFP-active, even if not (to date) in this group. I'm in the Los Angeles area and have never had my own horse, but at 54, I'm getting ever closer to that reality. I rode as much as possible when young, schooled in hunt seat and jumping in my early 20s, and started riding again last Sept. after putting in about 3 hours…