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  • I did the C25k programm last year and loved it. I continued running twice a week until january this year but stopped for 6 weeks completley because there was so much going on in work. so i decided to restart, with a little bit more of a challange - running 10km. I'm on week 6 day 2 and I'm going to sign up for a 10k in…
  • week 8, day 2 - finished with a smile on my face. the last two runs have been exhausting but i think i finally getting more comfortable with the long runs!
  • Finished week 8, day 1.... I wouldn't say that I was enjoying it till the end, but it's definitly awsome once you've finished :bigsmile:
  • Quick Trouble Zones done. Feels like nothing after BFBM. lol
  • Fantastic !!! Now, just pay attention not to spend all your money on sommer clothes :tongue:
  • oauch, just did the BANISH FAT, BOOST METABOLISM workout and I've got the same feeling like everyone.. Jillian is sure kicking our butts.... can't move anymore... lol
  • Day 3 + Week6 on the c25k ... happy to hit under the shower (and getting a small portion of lemon ice cream - gee it's finaly hot here!)
  • at greatmom2, me too, I started a little bit later. you're not alone :happy: dont be afraid of failure, the group ist here to tell you off when you cant achieve your goal but motivating you so that it'll be easier for you (and of course, all of us)
  • Milka has got "mini cones" (different tastes like Daim or vanilla) , 72kcal the piece. small but it helps getting rid of the feeling "I WANT ICECREAM, now" ;)
  • june 26th summer sale starts - so i want to get a really cute summer dress for the wedding. this one would be my favourite, but I have to do more exercises for my arms: very sweet-16-like but would be nice for a change. so, go jillian, go!
  • Day2 done!
  • Yessssss! I did my first 20 minutes run (W5D3). When the voice in the app told me, 2 minutes left, I even got faster. Wouldn't have thought that 5 weeks ago. Lol
  • Hello, My name is Nina, an austrian living in Paris (since quite a bit of time already). for the last two years I've been a lot of under stress as I prepared the french teacher exams (which is really a lot to study... I dont know how it is in your countrys but here they ask you to know Kant by heart just to teach…
  • Yes!!! Just finished W4D1 and it was not as bad as I thought it'd be. :tongue:
  • thanks for asking this question! :O) And thanks a lot for the ideas... I know whos gonna try something different tomorrow evening....
  • Cutting bread, cheese and alcohol.... you're so right, but it's so difficult when you live in France ;-)
  • Just finished my first "Shred Day" too :) Have fun!