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  • Just started with this fuelband! I love it, but I guess motivation from friends would help. Find me by: Marlous Ladan or [email protected] Mby any dutch users too? I'd love you to add me on nike fuelband! And MFP friends are always welcome too :) Here my blogpost of the day (last friday) I got my fuelband!!…
  • Dutch are quite active here :)
  • HEllo All! I'm Dutch too and like its said before, change your language in mfp to see the community post of your country. But I don't discriminate, You all can add me as friend ;) I love getting the mfp chat active, and also the wall/news feed is fun to stay in touch with eachother. Anyways, have a great day! Hope to chat…
  • ALL of them
  • How is the human flag comming so far?! I'd like to start doing some more calisthenics... seems fun!
  • Yeah! I started too, just finished my first goal: chin up's and pull up's. I was looking for the same thing. Thought this one was very helpfull: http://www.humanflag.org/training/