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  • Best part about MFP for me is seeing how much sodium, carbs, and fat are in the foods we eat...amazing. What an eye opener for me. I think we can all relate to day at a time and each day is a new day, right? Much luck with your motivation and goals!
  • We're all in this together! Take heart and forge ahead...good wishes to you!!
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  • Just read your post...wanted you to know I'm also in this to be more healthy and fit. I think we can get a lot of encouragement here and help each other out. Sending you good thoughts and motivation!
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  • Fairly new to FitnessPal and making a commitment to being more healthy, active, and making better choices with food. Sometimes easier said than done, right? I take one day at a time, and it's nice to be surrounded by like-minded individuals. Wishing everyone much luck and good wishes.
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