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  • Hi all! Glad to see there's a group especially for scientists! I'm a microbiologist and work with environmental water samples; some nice and some not so much but the less said about them the better... Started some work in Genomics recently too (eek! Hello qPCR!) Looking forward to popping in here and making new friends :)
  • Request sent :) The more friends the better! I'm 28 and looking to lose about 30lbs. I've not long started but sticking to it with all the great support on here. Good luck!
  • Hi, I'm Julie, 28 from Glasgow. Been on here every day and logging everything religiously! Looking for more fitness buddies too. its always good to see how everyone is getting on! Sent a request :)
  • Hi everyone! I'm Julie, 28 from Glasgow. Hoping to lose 30 lbs by the time I'm 30 after putting 2 stone on in 2 years (eek!) Looking forward to making some friends here and seeing how everyone gets on :)