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  • Hey there, I'm from the UK, living in the Netherlands for the past 2 years and I also am a sucker for the supermarkets! Nothing on the scale of a Tesco Extra over here - and the biggest supermarkets that I've been in here only really sell foodstuffs. I do miss the idea of Tesco/Asda whatever selling EVERYTHING you could…
  • Excellent thread! I have been beginning to notice how my weight changes throughout my cycle and it makes it a lot easier to cope with the stalls when you know there's a whoosh coming up soon! To those who were asking about apps for tracking your cycle, I use Clue https://www.helloclue.com It has a beautiful interface and…
  • I did it briefly last year; unfortunately it's not really a sustainable way of eating unless you can get your whole family on board with it. Even then, I missed bread! I prefer to just follow the MFP method and eat what I want but in moderation.
  • Every morning, after toiletting and before eating/drinking anything. I track it on the iOS app 'Happy Scale'.
  • I use a Charge HR and have had good results from following the suggested calories/TDEE, eating back earned calories, etc. I've actually been monitoring its accuracy for the past 8 weeks by keeping a spreadsheet of Fitbit calories burned vs MFP food logged. Based on my calculations (total deficit/3500) I *should* have lost…
  • There may be something in the sugar free squash thing: I drank a lot of it over the weekend and had a really dry mouth as a result. Maybe something to do with the sweeteners in it?
  • I think most people do 5:2 until they reach their desired weight, then switch to 6:1 for maintenance (but to keep the health benefits of fasting). As others have said, there's a group on here dedicated to it - have a search!
  • Try not to see it as failing & starting again. Everyone slips up occasionally! But you're dusting yourself off and carrying on, not giving up! Good luck :smile:
  • Did this make any difference? I read somewhere that when in 'workout mode', the sensors take a reading every second, as opposed to every 5 (I think) seconds when in normal mode.
  • I don't know about time displays, but nurses in England have a 'bare below the elbows' rule - I would've thought that was the same everywhere? In which case, a Fitbit One or Zip would be your best bet for an activity tracker.
  • Schninie - I wondered about this too, but the Charge HR seems to make more sense to me: it's everything in one, and beats having to faff about with my Polar HRM and chest strap, as well as Fitbit One. I think I'll upgrade. As far as logging exercise for MFPals to see, I was thinking that once I've got mine I'll either not…
  • My weight loss always seems to start at my shoulders and work its way down. Everybody is different though!
  • Are they on a flat surface? Sometimes weighing on carpet can skew readings - my scales came with 'carpet feet' to fit onto them so they always give an accurate reading though.
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  • I'm not as tall as you guys at 5'8", but am currently netting around 1700 for a 1 lb loss per week. This tends to equate to 2000-2600 calories, depending on the day, because I eat most of my exercise calories back too.
  • I'm 27 and have around 25 lbs to lose. Feel free to add!
  • I log in (and log! and post!) every single day. Diary is of course open to friends. Feel free to add me - that goes for anyone :smile:
  • I'm a restarter too... :smile:
  • North West here. Been on MFP since 2011 but became lax after reaching goal and subsequently gained it back... Looking for some new friends to keep the motivation up as I get serious about weight loss again!
  • Every few days for me, or whenever I remember! I log it on an app called 'Happy Scale' which shows trends.
  • I don't like any red, so have hidden the macros and just focus on calories. Helps me to stay on track that way.
  • I have a Fitbit One and sync it with MFP. I eat back all the extra calories it gives me and still lose at the 'advertised' rate - I guess it depends on the person though. I think I'm lucky in that I am able to eat A LOT and still lose weight. From experimenting in the past, I still lose when I eat what my Fitbit deems as…
  • Slow and steady wins the race. You say you want to lose 40 pounds by August? You have a lot of time. You don't need to punish yourself by fasting - why not use the tools provided right here? If you set your MFP up to a goal of losing 1 or 1.5 lbs per week you should be there more or less by the time your holiday comes…
  • The festive season seems to be a more popular time to 'start' than I thought! I restarted logging properly on 20th December too - my main aim is to limit the Christmas Day damage...
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  • I only ever can't sleep if I let myself get too hungry. When 'dieting', I normally have a snack right before bedtime, which helps a lot.
  • Stepping away from counting calories worked for me. I know that might not help, but think of counting calories/trying to lose weight as extra pressure. When you take that pressure away, you can really focus on fixing the problems you have with binges.
  • I have no checked TwoGrand out and I much prefer it to GO! I think I'll use both though as they have slightly different functions. I like the graph output on GO, but the community aspect on TG is awesome.
  • I recently discovered one called GO by lolofit. Absolutely perfect for what I want. You log your meals (with photos if you wish) based on size and healthiness, giving them a green, yellow, orange or red rating. You can also put activity in. Great for people trying to steer themselves away from calorie counting. Learn more…
  • Start weight: 176 Goal Weight: 156 (by Christmas - 140lbs overalll) Lbs to Lose: 20 (36) 08/01: 176 09/05: 10/03: 11/07: 12/05: 12/26:
  • It's an oldie but a goody: Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred. 20 minutes a day, that's it!
  • My HRM (a Polar FT60) gives me a reading of anywhere from 350-600 calories for Body Pump, depending on how hard I've pushed myself, time of day etc. It's worth remembering the calorie burn will differ with gender, weight, height and age. As long as your HRM is one that takes all of those into account, I'd say the reading…