• Just went on my trampoline xD Despite being for young children, it works up a great sweat. Hoping to play basketball later on today
  • Hey there, I'm LegendWarrior (excuse the fake name) and I'm an Irish 18-year-old, with 0 kids and 0 husbands. I've been overweight since about the age of 10 and decided it was time I lost the baby fat and felt comfortable with my body xD So far, I've lost an amazing 18 pounds which I've only just become proud of after the…
  • Start weight: 122lbs Goal Weight: 105 lbs Lbs to Lose: 17lbs
  • An easier and cheaper way to see if you have gained weight is to measure your hips, thighs and stomach with a sewing measuring tape. That way you can also document how many inches your have lost if you decide to lose weight. I use scales but honestly hate them. I dread weighing myself each week. But everybody's weight…