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  • Wow that was awesome! What kinds of vegetables are you eating in the morning? Back from China and after seeing the quantity of food as well as the kinds of food they eat, I'm under-eating but over processed! I'll have to check out Whole 30 but agree with the potatoes and pasta.
  • Interested to hear more about macros.
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  • I'm just off Keto and not looking to go that route, would like to try the whole foods route. How do you plan your meals?
  • Hey don't give up because of the carb flu, i've been doing this for sometime and read a nice study on fatigue, I experience the same thing hearing that it would end in two weeks. Sometimes that happens sometimes it didn't and then I learned where the fatigue comes from.
  • I have nothing but good to say about Stronglifts 5x5 and Mehdi. Started out on his recommendations, began understanding why he says to do that even though I knew I could do more. He says to work through the soreness, I hesitated but ground it out, first two sets were miserable, the final fixed the pain. Very motivating to…
  • Sorry to hear about the arthritis, I can tell you that in 2003 I started getting arthritis, especially in the hands and feeling it in the knees. I went to a strict no sugar diet using Splenda instead to lose some weight. The weight went away but a nice side effect was the arthritis pain did too. There is research that…