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  • Blink- you should talk to a doctor about Insufficient Glandular Tissue or Mammary Hypolplasia... I'm part of a support group on FB for women with this condition, as well as chronic low supply with no known cause. Wish cookies would work for us, but it's just not so.
  • If you feel like its a supply issue, you could offer supplement through an at-the-breast supplemented, like a Medela SNS or a lacy-aid. You might also want to consider briefly reducing the dairy in your diet, in case LO has an intolerance.
  • Hey, ladies! Thanks for your responses... I'm looking forward to getting to know you better and hopefully lend (and receive) some support over the coming months!
  • Hi all: Just wanted to say hello and join this thread... or perhaps just lurk for a little while! This place seems like such a great community and resource- I am eager to read through past threads. My husband and I are hoping to give TTC a brief chance this fall, and if we don't have luck we'll be holding off for another…