• I actually didn't mind it and thought it tasted good (as long as it was cold and not room temp). It helped me get in all of my water for the day. I was also following a healthy diet with exercise so I can't really say that it helped me lose more weight just because of that. Everything in it is natural so give it a try. :)
  • I would like to join. I am waiting for my Insanity DVDs to arrive in the mail but as soon as they do I am starting! It would be great to have others to go through the journey with. :)
  • I totally agree with what montana_girl said. It is like she took the words right out of my mouth! :) I lost 108 lbs on Weight Watchers Momentum program which I loved. On that plan fruit had points to them but veggies were still mostly free. The new Points Plus program is good but when they told me fruits were free I…