Day 17: Thursday, 10-9-14

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Good morning!
I couldn't find a thread for today, so I created one - hope you don't mind!

Yesterday was not so good for me, I didn't go to the gym and ate too much in the evening. However, today is a new day and I am going to do better!

My plans:
  • stay below calories
  • drink 8 glasses of water
  • squeeze in a walk (although it will be a busy day)

Have a great day, everyone!


  • LisasRoadtolosing100lbs
    I'm going to post here too!

    I very pleased with my day 16. I didn't do my triple 100 challenge because I could tell my abs were rebelling. So I'll add those 100s to the next few days.
    I did week 3 day 1. I ran for 9 minutes. So I now realize it's getting to the point where i have to spend some money on better running shoes to avoid another injury.

    Day 17 brings for me my triple 100 challenge and I'm going shopping for a fitbit flex... i realize I kindof need one.

    I need to drink more water. Focus on healthier food choices.

    I can do this!
  • dlphnldy89
    Yesterday was pretty good. 4.52 mile walk in 1:12 hr! Then my Strongtober challenge with a deck of cards. Eating was on target, still under my calorie intake so that's good. I find that I don't drink all of my smoothie. Not much of an appetite in the morning but at least I can get about half of it in. Today, same thing, walk and whatever my daily challenge will be. Hope it's easy!
  • balancedwalker
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    For Day 17 my twin goals are to walk at least 60 minutes and stay within calories.
  • balancedwalker
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    We have only 3 more days left before our 2nd weighin on Oct 12 (20% of time). Please note that the total group weight loss will be from the most current weighin. This means that if you have lost any weight in 1st weighin but do not log in the 2nd weighin then that loss will not show up in total group weight loss. If we, as a group, want to lose 2000 lbs (1 ton) by the end of the year then we all have to stay current on our weighin. As an example, may be 100 of us need to lose 20 lbs or any combination of that by the end of the year and show that in last weighin to get to the magical number of 100x20 = 2000. Can we?
  • jennalor
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    Good morning everyone! Today is a busy day, off to the gym for training, meal prep for the next couple of days and also getting ready to visit family this weekend for Thanksgiving ( Canada ). This weekend is going to be a bit of a challenge, my sister is going to be there and she loves to make lots of food, usually not the healthy kind. So I'm going armed with all my meals planned and prepared so I can stay on track!
  • Kenda2427
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    Yesterday was good, got all my steps in, good food choices, under calorie goal, hot yoga. Today I have a lunch out so that will be difficult but have already done my dvd before work and have spin class and boot camp tonight.
  • SingRunTing
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    Yesterday was good. It was a much needed rest day.

    Goals for today:
    1. Stay within calorie goal (always)
    2. 10,000 steps (always)
    3. 35 minutes of cross training (not sure what I'm going to do yet...)
  • phelan999
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    Yesterday was pretty good for me, too :D I was getting ready for my 2 mile walk last night, and I stubbed my pinkie toe. Felt a bit dizzy momentarily, then had to sit until it hurt less. I was able to go on the walk, and I ran for a few short intervals (every time I crossed a street). Anyone ever broken a toe that can tell me about it?

    Goals for today:
    - track all food and exercise
    - C25K Week 3, Day 2 and abs (didn't do abs yesterday)
    - Go to bed earlier

  • danelutza19
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    I think we really can loose that 2 tons together!!!!
    Yay us!!!!
    For those who didn't get to work out yesterday, don't feel guilty because we all know that fat loss is 80% diet and 20% exercise. Exercise helps to better our health and create a bigger deficit. Relax we got this!
    I had a nice rest day yesterday, cleaned and decorated my outdoor space and went through my closet. Yes, I have very few clothes that fit, but, as I kept trying on stuff, I glanced in the mirror and realized that I see traces and shadows of a 6 pack. That really made my day, or month because I see a big bright light at the end of the tunnel.
    Feeling super excited for today, it's another ATG squat day :smile:
    I hope you all have a fabulous day!!!!
  • enoliaa
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    My goals for yesterday have been achieved, I walked 13k+. Same objectives stand today, 10K walking and stay under ma calories! HAve a great day all :)
  • annangelich
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    I got through yesterday's busy day and achieved my goals as well as some extra (yeah me) :)
    Today my goals are a little different, I am having a very rough start.... I still plan on getting my workout in and eating under my goals (the best I can) ... My friend decided to show up this morning and plans on staying a while, he prefers to eat rich foods and I don't want to make an extra meal for myself when I cook big meals.
  • arrrrjt
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    Yesterday I ended up getting an hour horseback ride in where I felt it in my legs and core pretty well. Didn't get to the gym after because, well, it wasn't a great ride. Calories stayed below 1500, so I'm happy. Back to a new personal low and excited to keep it up for the next weigh in :)

    Today I wantED to get my lifts in at lunch (didn't have time yesterday) and another ride in the evening... but my boss is taking us out for lunch so I'll have to be pretty mindful of what I eat and try and squeeze in my lifts after work. Riding may have to wait until tomorrow
  • believefsc
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    Day 17 is fantastic for me. I'm on Day 4 of the P90 exercise program and I'm loving it. I've never felt so inspired. I belong to this fantastic Facebook Group that has provided me with such motivation and inspiration, daily.

    My goals for this week are:

    1) Continue P90 program
    2) Walk mid-afternoon to take a break from working at the computer
    3) Drink over 10 glasses water/day
  • kikontx
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    Didn't quite hit the water and calorie goal yesterday, but today is a new day.

    Goals for Day 17

    - Drink 80-90 oz of water
    - Stay under calorie goal
    - 2 mile run (run for the entire 2 miles again)

    Keep it going!!
  • lalepepper
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    Maalea wrote: »
    Good morning!
    I couldn't find a thread for today, so I created one

    Thank you so much! I definitely's so nice to see everyone helping out!

    Today my goal is to make out through my staff development day without letting the limited lunch options throw me off. Their veggie option is just a sandwich with like 4 oz of cheese, but I'm not too hungry anyway. Oh well...also gotta return my dvds from the library.
  • cpanus
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    Here's my plan...

    exercise 5-6 days a week ... done for yesterday ... walked 4 miles this morning
    pack my lunch the night before ... day off work today ... being careful
    stay within calorie allotment ... :# for yesterday ... will do better today ... wasn't worth it yesterday.
    no trigger/junk foods ...always working on it
    to be at least 132.0 by the time my MOTB dress comes in for final fitting ... Working on it

    Walked early this morning. Have a challenge to finish. Maybe walk again this evening with DH and grandpuppy. It will depend on the weather.

    Hope everyone had a good week.

  • 2CABetterMe
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    Day 16 wasn't so good for me. Supervisor took us out to lunch and although myself and two other coworkers split a steak 3 ways, I was still full the remainder of the day and didn't eat dinner. I've noticed that I don't eat enough during the day to keep my metabolism up.

    Today I'm going to focus on getting in the 5 small meals a day. Breakfast received a last minute change as I left my smoothie in the freezer at home. Made a substitution of greek yogurt. Will have lunch and then try to remember to get in a mid-afternoon snack. Have been doing pretty good getting my water in, however.
  • kmcorc
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    Yesterday was ok for me. I didn't get week 6, run 2 of C25K in last night, but I also started week 6 a day early. I will get my run in tonight as I do not work both jobs.

    My other goals for the day:

    Get my calories, but stay within carbs.
    Reach 10,000 steps, with 5,000 before I leave work this evening
    Get my water (at least 8 cups)
  • mora982
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    Day 16 went very well for me.

    For Day 17 I'll have same goals:

    - Stay below 25 g net carb although I had more salad as I was hungry but I'm hoping I didn't exceed my carb limits.
    - Drink more than a gallon of water.

    I hope everyone is doing okay. Stay motivated!!
  • jennalor
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    Workout completed and a new squat record of 190lbs x 5 reps, so I'm pretty happy!! I'm finding myself very hungry today not sure why though...
    I hope everyone is having a great day!