New Mama Here ....Scared to move

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Hi Fit Mama's. I found out I am pregnant last week (4wks,7 days now). I'm very happy and nervous at the same time. I had a miscarriage in June, and I'm praying me and hubby make it through this pregnancy to birth our first child. My doc, of course; told me to take it easy and my parents and hubby are making sure that I do. I know this is a critical time, but outside of work, I can't help but feel inactive and unproductive. How did you stay fit & Fabulous and safe during your first trimester?


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    Congratulations! I would talk to your Doc to see if medically how active you can be (not sure how it will relate to your history). Typically, you can do whatever you did pre-pregnancy and then modify it as you progress through the pregnancy. Adjusting how intense you work out, how out of breath you get, etc. I have not been that good with exercise lately, even though I was fairly active before. The 1st trimester has got me tired, and nauseated, and well makes me not want to do much. Walking, swimming, some weights are usually okay. I do some elliptical, but can only do about 20 min because I get dizzy. But talk to your doc, and do what makes you comfortable. Listen to your body.
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    I did not stay fit and healthy and active during the first trimester. I was a wreck! I had no energy and I felt fatigued and nauseous most of the time. I struggled to get to the gym 2x a week, and spent a lot of time eating comfort foods as the only thing I seemed able to want to put in my stomach. When I did work out during the first trimester, I found myself getting dizzy and light headed pretty easily, so I had to seriously scale back the intensity of my workouts. Luckily, with the second trimester came a lot more energy and all the fatigue and nausea went away. I've been working out at my pre-pregnancy levels and eating about the same as pre-pregnancy as well. My advice, like Kathy above, is to not beat yourself up over how your lifestyle changes over the next 2 months while your body accommodates these massive hormonal changes. If you need to take 3 naps in a day instead of hitting the gym, that's what your body needs! Don't fight it.
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    Don't get yourself too down. Get out of the house, get fresh air when you can and just enjoy your pregnancy. Although your doctor told you to take it easy, physical activity alone will not make you miscarry. Also, almost all women who experience one miscarriage, are not more likely than anyone else to miscarry in subsequent pregnancies than anyone else. Which is all good news. Now, as the previous posters said, the first trimester (for many) will morph into a giant suckhole pretty quick, anyway. I've been pregnant twice, and during the first trimester I turn into the laziest, sickest, most miserable person ever. But its okay. Just keep yourself surrounded by supportive people, and keep your mind busy so you don't find yourself feeling too blue. Congratulations and try not to stress out too much. Fear never makes anything easier.
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    The first tri is all about making it through. I was so nauseous with both my kids during that time that all I could do was eat whatever didn't make me want to vomit and shuffle from home to work to home/bed. Once that went away, I was able to add more activity back in and start feeling more like myself. Give you and your body time to get in the swing of things first!