Wednesday, October 22nd

ChiaGnome Posts: 179 Member
I need to drop 3 lbs by Halloween to meet my goal, which I think is very do-able. I biked a century over the weekend and it's that TO the M, so I should be dropping considerable water weight soon (long rides always make me hold on to weight, then dump it in a week or so). So, today I will:

1) Eat well, drink only coffee, tea, and water
2) Run after work
3) Buy my Halloween costume and event tickets
4) Get ahead on schoolwork so I can be free for festivities
5) 50 crunches, 50 push-ups, 50 jumping jacks

Good luck everyone!


  • SilverStormi
    SilverStormi Posts: 626 Member
    I didnt get a chance to create the new group yesterday like planned because I went to the rescue and spent a lot longer then then normal. Rosco was so funny since it was raining while we were walking, every like 20 feet he kept shaking off like that would stop get the rain off him.

    Todays goals
    1. last csa pickup of the season - hope I get lots of goodies
    2. stick to my pre-planned meals
    3. do my ab workout I skipped later this evening
  • lemurcat12
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    Congrats on the century, Chia!

    I never actually posted them, but I've crashed and burned on my goals for the week which were to bring lunch. Not only have I failed to do that (no choice yesterday, though, as I had a work thing), but I also had time problems that meant I ate a quest bar for breakfast yesterday and bought breakfast (oatmeal) on Monday. And on top of all that I had to take someone out for dinner for work yesterday. So basically I've made two meals this week--dinner on Monday and breakfast today. Turning that around the rest of the week is my current overarching goal.

    Today's goals:
    1) get up early, go to the gym and do some weights, and run. (DONE)
    2) Log carefully and accurately and stay within my calories (50 or so below would be nice, as I've been over some lately)
    3) Get a good night's sleep
    4) Plan out some lunches
  • I've been struggling to keep my goals as far as exercise. I'm finding good ways of eating healthy without starving myself though. But, I have a clearer path now that I'll try and follow more gently. My biggest goal is to get myself to start doing some abdominal exercises.
    1. Zumba!
    2. Stay in the 1,400 range
    3. Eat healthy (on track there!)
    4. Abdominal exercises - either start tonight or tomorrow