Diastisis Recti

Yesterday I went to see my OB, afraid that I had somehow given myself a hernia. I mean, what else would explain the sore bulge slightly above and to the right of my belly button? During our visit, he felt my belly while I did a partial sit-up (not graceful when you're 23 weeks), and he told me that I have diastisis recti. He also said that the bulge in my belly is a muscle tear, which I'll be more prone to in my abdomen from the muscular separation. GREAT.

Well, anyway, I wanted to know if anyone else around here has diastisis recti. It would be cool if any of you have been postpartum already with it, too. Will it affect how I exercise after birth? Will my muscles ever come back together? I'm just completely curious about where I go from here. All I got from what my doctor said was that during the rest of my pregnancy I should take it easy on my core (avoid lifting heavy objects, for example) so I don't tear more or cause a hernia. But what about after????


  • AprilTom
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    I had a small separation after my second child, it does go back together but takes time, the only ab work I was able to do was planks, no sit up/crunches as that can make the separation worse. You can Google exercises that can help with the healing.
  • tarapickett
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    Have you looked at the Dia Method? It's a workout program designed specificlaly for DR issues.
  • KatieTee83
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    My doc hasn't mentioned it to me but I swear I have this too. Whenever I flex my abs, like, to lay down or get up, there's this weird bulge in the middle that looks like how Diastisis is described in books and stuff. It doesn't hurt but it's definitely weird to see, and I'm going to be looking into how to do damage control once this baby gets here.
  • ColeCake292012
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    I'll definitely look into the Dia Method!

    @katietee83, the bulge can also be normal. Down the middle of my tummy there is nothing. Its actually indented. I have bulging on both sides of the indent. I think about now my muscles are about 3 finger widths apart from each other. I'll take a picture and attempt to post it in a bit so you know what I mean.
  • ColeCake292012
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    At this point it is still quite mild. That's a shot of my belly from the way I see it looking down.