Nov. 5 Goals

ChiaGnome Posts: 179 Member
  1. Eat well, NO processed carbs (thanks Boss Lady who brought in chocolate covered cookies yesterday :s )
  2. 50 push-ups, 50 crunches, 50 leg-lifts
  3. Get my schoolwork done so I can focus on my business trip this weekend


  • tress29
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    We've got a band fundraiser tonight, 10% of our sales at El Meson go to the Band Boosters. So... Since I already know what I'll (over)eat, I put dinner into my food diary, and will work the rest around that!

    1. Drink 10 glasses of water.
    2. Wash dark laundry.
    3. Sweep/mop/vacuum the LR and Kitchen with my kids.
    4. Cardio (probably P90) to work off chips & salsa!
  • DaivaSimone
    DaivaSimone Posts: 657 Member
    So, my goals will be more specific than yesterday, in order to easily keep in check with them.

    1) Limit snacking at work: stay away of those fun size chocolate treat that seems to be everywhere around office, and limit my Goldfish consumption to one handful instead of inhaling them all morning.
    2) Get on the elliptical as soon as I am back from work (35 minutes).
    3) Doing chores instead of watching TV: at least one laundry load, wipe the bottom of the oven that have been auto-cleaned yesterday, sweep around the hallway, the office and the bedroom, pack lunches for thursday.

    That should do it.
  • Ok! I met my goals again so I think I may be on the right track! But, I did end up doing more Zumba with my boyfriend instead of Yoga, but I'm ok with that since I was moving either way. I'm going ice skating later tonight so I'm not sure if I'll be exercising or not. Should be fun though!

    1. Eat healthy (all planned out again)
    2. abdominal exercises (done!)
  • strive4more11
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    I met my goals yesterday, yay! Goals for today:
    1. 100 oz of water
    2. Finish my To- Do List because I head out tomorrow for vacation.
    3. Get in at least 15 min of strength training.
    4. Go to bed at a reasonable hour - preferably by 9:30.

  • CumberlandGrammy
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    Yesterday turned out to be a wash for me, maybe worse than a wash really, so today I plan to step it up a notch. I will drink a gallon of water and will ride my stationary bike for 60 minutes tonight. I'll also get some good walking and heavy toting in when I take my precious granddaughter to the park and wildlife zoo this afternoon.
    Hope everyone has a great day!
  • lemurcat12
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    Heh, I thought all the Halloween stuff was over, but it looks like someone in my office got sick of having all the candy at home, so now it's in the break room. I'm usually not that bad with candy (sometimes someone brings in cannoli, and that's another story), and we have all kinds of candy around the office at all times anyway, but for some reason I found it funny.

    I did pretty well with my goals yesterday. The workouts were a bit different than originally planned, but the basics were met.

    Today's goals:

    1) Before work workout -- DONE (run)
    2) Bring lunch and make one for tomorrow -- I did bring lunch and have a plan for tomorrow
    3) Buy more Quest bars
    4) No unplanned mid-day snacking
    5) Bed at a reasonable hour (I've been pretty good about this over the past few days and feel better as a result--not getting enough sleep makes a huge difference in how I handle (or don't) stress).
  • nshelafo
    nshelafo Posts: 8 Member
    - Cardio day - 80 minutes.
    - Sit ups
    - planks (4 x 60sec)
    - Finish calendared chores (filters and alarms), work on thanksgiving menu.

    - Have a great day!
  • tress29
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    nshelafo wrote: »
    - Finish calendared chores (filters and alarms), work on thanksgiving menu.
    Oh, thanks for the reminder. I bought a new air filter for the furnace and haven't installed it yet!

  • Jeffnjo
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    I did ok yesterday, I didn't have huge goals though :smile:
    My goals for today:
    Drink enough water
    Exercise 30 min before work (Done)
    Walk for 20 min at lunch (Done)
    Eat 5 fruit and vegetables.

    I notice people planning for lunch, I made the salad in a jar for lunch last week. I found them on I made the buffalo chicken salads, I did change them a little bit, I used a fat free dressing instead. They were very good & you can make 5 of them on the weekend & they stay good all week.

    Hope you all meet your goals today!!
  • SilverStormi
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    I am posting my goals way to late lately. I need to get that back on track and not hit the snooze as much in the morning because I didnt have time to get in my p90x this morning.

    1. drink 10 glasses of water
    2. figure out a healthy dinner since I am not eating what i plan on making my husband
    3. get to bed early so I can do yoga tomorrow
  • newdaydawning79
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    My main goal for today is really pushing myself during training tonight. I'm tired so phoning it in sounds lovely but I won't do it!
  • jrortega1912
    jrortega1912 Posts: 315 Member
    1. Drink all my water
    2. Eat simple carbs during breakfast only
    3. Play
  • DaivaSimone
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    nshelafo wrote: »
    work on thanksgiving menu.

    Oh, I can help you with this one, I love planning feast <3

    If you haven't read it yet, I suggest you to take a look at the special Thanksgiving issue of Bon Appétit magazine. There's a lot of nice suggestions this year, with new veggies as side dishes (roasted sunchokes with balsamic vinegar, yum!) and some interesting salad also. And a recipe for a spatchcocked turkey.

    (This message comes from a Canadian who isn't suppose to celebrate Thanksgiving, but I plan to stage one this year so I have a good reason to cook turkey and pumpkin-bourbon pie.)
  • girlviernes
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    Okay well the goal I had in mind for today was to do meaningful work for 6-9 hours, which I did :)
  • freyjac
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    I did pretty good yesterday. I went for a short run. I took my dog on a 3mile walk. I met my steps and stayed in my CALORIES and had plenty of water. I didn't get my kettle bell workout but I am pleased with what i did accomplish.

    I didn't get to post todays goals because I had to be to work early but here is my goals that i set for myself this morning.
    1) get plenty of water
    2) stay in my calories- I did much better today
    3) get my steps which i did am am over by 5272. :)
    4)get my second run in. and I did which also went way better than yesterday.
  • DaivaSimone
    DaivaSimone Posts: 657 Member
    I did pretty goo too.

    1) Limit snacking at work - done!
    2) Get on the elliptical as soon as I am back from work - well, I did the elliptical thing, but not as soon as I was back from work because my husband was bored in his office and holded me an hour on the phone. Still, I did it.
    3) Doing chores instead of watching TV - done! I didn't do all the chores I wanted to do, because of the one-hour-phone-call thing, but I only watched GG while on the elliptical and then I turned the music on and made a terrific kitchen clean up, I cooked and packed lunches, I did one laundry load and I swept about half of the surface I wanted to swept.

    That's good! And I managed to fit a big fat (and unplanned) pizza in my day with a light dinner and a proper workout (*happy dance*).