Monday, November 17th Goals

ChiaGnome Posts: 179 Member
Ahhhhhhhh, back up to 149 lbs after flirting with 145 (my goal) mid-last week. Oh well, I'll chalk this up to my period and keep trudging along. One week of university until Thanksgiving break, then 2 weeks of schoolwork leading up to a week of finals. Then I get A WHOLE MONTH OFF! I've been taking winter and summer term classes to the point that I haven't had more than a week off school in 2 years. Sorry, I know this isn't fitness related, but I'm just so excited. I'm planning so many fun things for the break - weekend biking adventures, cabin camping, even having the time to rake the leaves is going to be awesome :) But I digress, my goals for the day are as follows:
  1. Get ahead with schoolwork (as always)
  2. Eat well, no processed carbs
  3. Drink well, no alcohol, tons of water
  4. Get in some exercise - run with the dog if it's not raining
  5. Work on wedding plans


  • CumberlandGrammy
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    You do have something to be excited about, ChiaGnome! Being a college student is stressful and demanding. Enjoy your upcoming break!

    My goals for this rainy day:
    1. Log my food accurately - something must not be right here - I just can't seem to break my plateau...
    2. Stay under my sugar goals and eat within my calorie goals
    3. Drink 80 ounces of water
    4. Indoor cycle for 60 minutes
    5. Clean and set up the guest room and bath - try to make them look inviting (sure wish I could paint!)

    Have a great start to the week, everyone!
  • DaivaSimone
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    I had a somewhat iffy weekend. I'm happy to be back in the week day routine.

    I'm plateauing right now, but it's probably all my fault (and booze fault, because of all the social event I am attending these days, even if I'm reasonable). So this week, the focus will be on details.

    Today's goal:

    1) Plan food for two or three days ahead.
    2) Use my kitchen scale more.
    3) Follow the exercise plan for the day (I don't have it in front of my eyes, but I think it's an elliptical + lifting day).
  • lemurcat12
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    Not a good weekend. I managed to fall back into some old "how not to cope when stressed at work" patterns. Ah, well, must face the challenges so as to learn to deal, I suppose.

    Like I said elsewhere I need to stay off MFP today, but I figured I might as well post my goals first. They are simple:

    1) Get in some kind of workout.
    2) Log perfectly (my scale started working again, yay!), and stay under calories.
  • classysassy4ever70
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    My weekend was so-so... went out to dinner Sat & Sun. I calculated the best to my ability but I didn't feel guilty. Moment of truth will be on Thursday for WI.

    My Goals for the weekend:

    1) Plan out my meals for the day - Sat not so good but Sun I planned it out
    2) Stay within my calories - went over on Sun by a couple hundred
    3) Exercise - hoping to get a walk in or elliptical work out - neither
    4) Drink 80 oz – 100 oz of water - accomplished
    5) Work on my son's Science Project - accomplished
    6) Keep SANE! - iffy!

    My Goals for today:

    1) Plan out my meals for the day
    2) Stay within my calories
    3) Exercise - hoping to get a walk in or elliptical work out
    4) Drink 80 oz – 100 oz of water

  • jrortega1912
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    I lost one pound this week, nine more to go. I went over calories today with Pizza and Beer!
    I'll do better tomorrow.