texstorm Posts: 158 Member
So, anyone giving it a shot? I'm ordering mine this weekend to participate in a group that's going to give it a shot together starting December 15th. I'm slightly nervous. I've never done INSANITY, but I stumbled my way through Asylum a couple of years ago and have done two rounds of T25.

MAX: 30 looks hard.


  • amysj303
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    I am signed up too! I think 30 minutes a day 5 days per week is do-able but I am sure the workouts are challenging.
    I did 30-day shred for 30 days (no rest days) and so I think I can do 60 but my real challenge will be getting my nutrition on track, especially with all the intervening holidays!
  • lchadwick2
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    I've done Insanity and T25. I can't wait to get this but it will have to wait a little while. I'll keep watching for infomercials to see sneak peaks of the routines.