What do you ask a doula???

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I'm meeting a doula this weekend to see if we want to hire her for the birth. Right now I don't really know what to ask her! I do want to make sure that we have a connection and I feel comfortable with her. Did you use a doula and if so what are some important things to ask at the first meeting?

Thanks for the help! I LOVE this group! :D


  • lilchino4af
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    I had one and what I did was google the question and look through the links that came up to see what they suggested and picked the ones that were important to me to know what her answer was. Here's a few links I used when building my list of questions (unfortunately I can't find my list right now or I'd give those to you - sorry!). Hope these sites help you - a great match in a doula is a great support before, during, and after labor/delivery - we loved ours and are using her again for this birth!

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    How did your first meeting go? I hired a doula for this pregnancy, even though I've already been through a natural labor and delivery in the past without one. I'm hoping that having her by my side will help me stay connected to my husband....with my last I just labored alone in the bedroom and told everyone to leave me alone. I'm hoping that her hypnobirthing resources will help me, and I'm interested to have someone walk me through different laboring positions to help me progress better. I'm pretty excited to pop this baby out knowing there's somebody there just for me! Also, I just became a certified doula myself, so if you have any questions, shoot me a message. :D
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    My first meeting went well. It was just to get to know each other. We have our first real appointment at the end of next week. The doula we hired is a perfect combination between my husband and myself. She gets that I want a natural process, but understands that he wants to consider intervention if needed. I think she will be a perfect go between and will be a huge support for him. I have heard so many husbands say that they stand there and feel helpless and I didn't want him to feel that way. I really wanted the doula more for him than for me. But, I know she will help me alot too! Congratulations on your certification!
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    So great that you had a good meeting! We used a doula with our last two births and definitely will try to this time as well. We are moving about 3 weeks before my due date so it might be trickier but it's so helpful! <3