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  • pierremillien
    pierremillien Posts: 1 Member
    hello all,

    I'm a little bit confuse of how to get a good sync between my all deveices. For daily and casual use, I wear a Withings HR Steel to count my steps. For my runs and training I use my Fenix 3HR. All those devices are connected to my fitnesspal. The bug I think i have is that one device overwrite the data from other instead of adding them.

    For example:
    If I run a halfmarathon sunday mornig, i'll get 25000 steps for the race that will be synced after the race.
    After the race, I wear my Withings for the rest of the day. At the end of the day, when the data from Withings are synced, MFP say that i only have 20calories gained due to the 5000 steps from my withings.

    Is there an option that all the datas are aggregated and not overwrite ? or should I enter manualy the datas ?

    have you people similar experience and how did you solved it ?
  • larosa217
    larosa217 Posts: 41 Member
    For step counting MFP will only track one device.