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Hi all!!!!

WOW, the end of May is here! It is crazy how fast it went by. I am ready for June!!

If you haven't already seen, I created a group called Team Turtle for the June Challenge. The group has a focus on support and motivation rather than competition :)

POST YOUR RESULTS FOR MAY IN THIS THREAD!!!!!!!!!! Post the TOTAL AMOUNT OF CALORIES BURNED for the month of May (May 1-May 31). Unfortunately I will be flying out of the country the morning of May 31st so I will be posting my results the day before.

Everyone did an amazing job this month!!! Feel free to join us for JUNE!!!:)


  • mechelemc
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    I totally don't remember my goal :laugh: but I don't care this group totally motivated me!! I burned 8,847 calories which I think my goal was 5,00-7,000 calories so I am SUPER happy and proud of myself. :drinker: I hope that this group has helped others as it did me :bigsmile:
  • airant
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    I was under my goal of 16000. I burn 12553 but im steel happy with that..Next month will be better.
  • lisididi
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    From May 1st to May 31...Drum rolls please........11353 calories burned:drinker:
    yeep yeep Hooray!!!!!
    I did not have a goal really, I just tried my best every time and fed on this group motivation :flowerforyou:
    I am so Happy to start with team turtle tomorrow :smile:
  • luisalg14
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    Well done! Those are excellent numbers, ladies :wink:

    I'm super happy with this month's results. This group has been a great incentive for me to keep on track (my rough daily goal was to do 500), so thank you all for your support and posts! I wasn't sure if I would manage, but I ended up with 16320 (original goal was 14000).

    Yay! I'm going to aim for 15000 next month, and see if I can do better again :drinker:
  • wtw0n
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    May Goal: 24000
    May Total: 25932 (108.05%)

    And no, I'm not gonna try hitting that number again lol
  • BakerRunnerBadass
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    Week 1 Challenge: 4,379 Goal : 5,000
    Week 2 Challenge: 4,920 Goal : 5,621
    Week 3 Challenge: 3,749 Goal : 5,701
    Week 4 Challenge: 6,966 Goal: 6,952

    Month Goal: 20,014/20,000

    Just made it to my goal....Great work this month everyone :drinker:
  • Sjenny5891
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  • Amerielle
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    I hit 7075 cals out of my 8000 goal. I am pretty happy with that...I'm thinking I will go with 8000 again for June.

    Great job everyone and I'll see you over in the June challenge!
  • zanne54
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    My goal was 16,000 calories and I burned 17,245!

    Great work everyone!
  • ChangeIsADecision
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    Hey Everyone!! What an awesome group!! I loved being apart of this competition/group.... it motivated me to move more and burn more calories than I would've on my own!! Although I didn't reach my goal... I came close!!

    6821 <---- MONTHLY TOTAL!!!!
    7400 <---- MONTHLY GOAL!!!!

    :flowerforyou: :heart: :wink:
  • Delll2013
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    Congratulations to everyone or the great results!

    I believe my goal was 13000 and I was on 17 617 on May 31st.

    A big thank you to the active community!
  • mrsburghart
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    If I remember right, my goal was 12,000 or 15,000...I only came in around 10,000 due to vacation and other stressful events. I hope we do a June challenge so I can bust through my goal this month!
  • elizajane1
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    Was wanting to finish the month with 30,000. But I thought I had a few more days!! Ha! I burned 26,081 calories in the month of May!!! I would have never thought I could do that! Thank you for the challenge! It pushed me to go above and beyond and to exercise on days I didn't want to or think I had time, because I had to burn those calories! :) Bring on team Turtle!!!!
  • vbailey12
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    Congrats to everyone!

    My initial goal was 1500 a week which is 6000 for the month. I burned 7864! Yay!
    It was harder in the end to keep working out, especially since everything else in my life sucks at the moment (hence my disappearance from MFP for a while) But I pushed through. I'm happy

    Thanks you guys for all your support and motivation and for setting an example!
  • erinprattavila
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    OK, I do not remember what I set for a monthly goal but I am proud to say that I burned 15,361 calories in May! I am very happy to see that number, can't believe I really did it. Thanks to everyone for the support and motivation!! See you throughout the month for continued support.
  • cjowell
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    My goal was 13,000
    My end result . . . . 13,045

    Man that was a really hard challenge that consisted of only taking 2 days off for the month!! I am so proud of myself and everyone else on here! Good job guys!
  • miracole
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    Didn't really set a goal, but ended up burning 20634 calories! Pretty thrilled about it! :)
  • ajhouse
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    I'm a little late with my totals, but...
    My goal was 3100 (I mainly walk, not a lot of time for other stuff)
    Month end total was 4,362!
  • rachael116
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    I was away at the end of the month, so couldn't post, but I burned 7707 calories! A little under my goal of 8K, but I'm still pretty proud of this. Great job everyone!

    I think this is a great idea and would love to participate in a June Challenge also!