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So I posted this on my feed but not all of you are friends so I figured I'd share this here too:

Only for android for now is my understanding.

It's pretty straightforward where you input your lifts and it tells you how much you should be lifting on other lifts for a general balance. It has a 1RM calculator and could just as well be used for 5 reps if that's what you want to go for - so say you input your 100lbs squats for 5 reps, the weights its giving you should be for 5 reps too.

According to it, my front squat is 20% stronger than the rest of my lifts. And it is VERY normal that I can't do an unassisted pull-up yet. BUT my squat is actually stronger than my deadlift so maybe that's why it hasn't been progressing so fast.

Here's a quick breakdown (in lbs but the app does kg too!):

Deadlift 250
Pull-up: 140
Back Squat: 178.5
Front Squat: 125
Bench: 139
Push Press: 100

Squat 192.5
Pull-up: 149.8
Deadlift: 269.5
Front Squat: 134.8
Bench: 149.8
Push Press: 107.8

Bench 140
Deadlift: 250.6
Pull-up: 140
Squat: 179.2
Front Squat: 126.0
Push Press: 100.8

Front Squat 150
Deadlift: 300
Pull-up: 166.5 (still not BW xD)
Squat: 213
Bench: 166.5
Push Press: 120

This is of course based off of anecdotal evidence and some research, and it doesn't even ask for a gender, but still gives you a good idea. It sure makes me feel a lil better now. Just kinda wish most of the dumbbell variants were actually barbell and it wouldn't call for a hang clean because I usually do floor cleans (when I'm not doing wall cleans... wait, this isn't my apartment we're talking about ;P). But maybe I could add that to my feedback and they would consider adding it in the future. Anyways, they typically ask for the weight of 2 dumbbells, so that could loosely be translated to a barbell.

Let me know what you guys think :) (And thank Alvs Mondares for making a video on the app, which is how I found out about it:


  • MissHolidayGolightly
    That's really cool. I don't have an android but would check it out if there were to be an iPhone version. I love numbers, calculations, and stats like that. It's cool to see how right or wrong it is.
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    Based on deadlift, I'm pretty much right on for nearly everything, so that's somewhat reassuring. But if I base it on squats, I'm like 30% under on everything. :-(
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    I played with it last night after you linked it, but it doesn't have a setting for women which is kind of frowny face inducing. Also why no strict press brah?!