Ramping UP

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Avoid the Xmas Rush and start getting ready NOW. I like the idea of losing more weight, but such things do not happen by chance. I believe in the 6 Ps = Proper Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance. Although I've had a pretty successful year (down 44 pounds) on my road to fitness, I have miles to go before I can rest.

I suggest that you write down a couple "to dos" before you get too caught up in the holiday season. I've already started.

1. Replace Fitbit Zip with Fitbit Flex. The Zip broke for the second time. I think carrying this around in my pocket didn't work. Going to try the fitness band on the wrist for a while.

2. Add more movement to the week. I'm adding 3 x 1 hour walks to my 6 hours of bike riding each week. I started yesterday. Hopefully, I can get these in every week.

3. Eat more veggies. This is a lunch thing. At our dining facility at work, I get a veggie plate for lunch. Generally, two green veggies, some beans, and some rice each day for lunch. I was doing three times a week and hoping to increase this to five days a week.

What 2 or 3 changes do you plan to make to help you make your losing 20 by Easter goal?


  • GrammyPeachy
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    1. Eat more veggies.
    2. I want to start C25K in there somewhere! (I'm motivated now,but too heavy still).
    3. Enjoy my holidays in new ways, other than food food food.
  • blueakama
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    Thanks for getting the ball rolling.

    1. Keep logging my food in MFP and making small tweaks to get closer to my goal.
    2. Start using my pedometer (that I ordered yesterday)
    3. Try out the aerobics dvds I got recently, even if I can't completed the whole thing yet.
  • 12qw34
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    1. Give up alcohol during this challenge. I have started already!
    2. Work out in the morning. I have a stairmaster and a window of time after my husband leaves for work and before my kids get up. That way life will get in the way less and work outs will be more likely on a daily basis.
    3. Eat in a more structures way. I tend to snack and skip meals this is not working for me. Logging will also help.
  • dbanks80
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    1. Try to drink less alcohol (doubt that will happen)
    2. Exercise a lot more (doing this now to at least maintain)
    3. Enjoy the Holidays
  • tenpets
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    1. Leave wine out of the picture during the challenge (starting now).
    2. Exercise 3x/week for at least 30 min whether it's my Arc trainer, yoga, or walking. (I broke my arm 3 weeks ago, so I can't do any crazy exercises or lifting for quite some time).
    3. Track every BLT and stick to my calorie budget each day. Focus on an increased intake of veggies.
    4. Research and buy a Fitbit type monitoring device. (Any advice? Not sure which is best. The one I used in the past is way out of date and nonfunctioning!)
  • Trishism
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    1. My in laws always have chips/crackers/cookies/candy out for hours before we actually eat Christmas dinner, and I'm going to have one of each and that's IT, and then fill my dinner plate once. It'll be tough because they're very much "There's more food left! Go eat thirds!" Kind of people. Lol
    2. Gym membership runs out in January and finances aren't really good enough to sign up for another year, but I've only been going to swim laps for the last couple of months so I'm going to get a pool membership instead. Cheaper, and you only have to commit on a monthly basis.
    3. Stick with logging all of my food. It keeps me so much more accountable!
    4. I heavily hinted that I'd like a swim watch for Christmas so hopefully I'll be able to use that -crosses fingers-
  • kayjosh2422
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    Great idea! Personally the last two weeks I have been a slacker, somehow I lost 4 pounds but I know that won't last if I don't get back on track.
    1. Get back to drinking more water
    2. Back to exercising daily
    3. Cut out snacking
  • 1. walk more. I also have a fitbit flex
    2. try to get back to my zumba class
    3. eat smaller portions
    4. eat less fast food and chocolate
  • 1. Keep portions under control.
    2. Cut dairies, especially full fat/salty cheese.
    3. Watch less television and be more active.
    4. Keep motivated and love myself more.
  • I_can_do_this2
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    Palamedes: I love your 6 Ps - I'll probably borrow that!!

    I'm going to Toronto for Christmas and then on a cruise with our entire family over the holidays (12 days in total). I've had some good success over the past few months and am concerned about losing my momentum. I won't have access to MFP, upon which I have relied heavily to keep my food and activity in check. In order to maintain some semblence of a healthy lifestyle, I've developed a plan to identify opportunities for activity and to establish some food rules. Here are my food rules:
    1. Try to mirror the size of meals and quality of foods I eat while at home;
    2. Order the light version of evening entrees (which usually just means no heavy sauces);
    3. Order dessert only if it's really special and then try to share with someone;
    4. Minimize the amount of bread;
    5. Minimize alcohol;
    6. Avoid snacking.

    Best of luck to everyone over the holidays. Be happy and safe!! :)
  • ajcamber
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    1. Get back to Clean Eating
    2. Plan out meals and snacks better (have fruit or cut up veggies available so not tempted to use machine at work if hungry)
    3. Continue with Crossfit and Swimming

    *I am currently using the Polar Loop with the H7 heart rate monitor to track activities and what they call "training". So, far I really like the combination, it does track swimming as activity but doesn't give a heart rate because both devices rely on bluetooth technoolgy. And the other down side is it doesn't sync with MFP.
  • TopazCutie
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    In no particular order...

    1. Walk 10K steps every day (tracked by my FitBit)
    2. Measure food, track calories and stay under goal by logging on MFP daily.
  • 1. Stop binge eating
    2. Eat healtier
  • mrsKOrtiz
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    1. Having self-discipline! (So when I lose the weight, I can say NO!)
    2. Eat more veggies! (doing that with my NutriNinja)
    3. Add in some exercise! (Will help this entire process!)
    4. Drink water! (Good for my skin)
  • willowcreeklane
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    ✔️Stay within my calorie range - with in reason, 1700.
    ✔️Up my protein and vegetables, less carbie/ crappie foods.
    ✔️Water intake 80 oz.
    ✔️10 k steps a day.
    ✔️Workout 30 mins at least 4 - 5 days a week.

    This has worked for me in the past, I'm ready to give it a go again. Consistency is the key!

  • drgirl1023
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    Drink water!!!
    Exercise in the morning!
    Don't eat after 7:00pm.
  • lwynd002
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    Eat nutritionally sustaining foods (I've been eating mainly salty, sugary crap)
    Have portion control
    Drink more water
    Log daily--everything
  • slenderizeme
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    1. Eat less sweets
    2. Exercise more
    3. Stop eating very unhealthy meals
  • mary659497
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    1. Get back to eating my daily calorie allotment. (This will be a major accomplishment for me).
    2. Get 10k steps daily of my fitbit.
    3. Drink water.
    4. Exercise
  • Squat76
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    1. Water, water, water!
    2. Back to clean eating! Load up on green veggies!
    3. No more perusing the kitchen after dinner. Shut it down for the night
    4. Lastly, no more wine on weeknights, save it for weekends.