Hardware and Software: What types of fitness technology are you using?



  • Soybeaner
    Soybeaner Posts: 126 Member
    Hardware - BodyMedia Link

    Software - RunKeeper & MFP
  • curryblume
    curryblume Posts: 22 Member
    Using a Samsung gear fit which you can sync. very well with the sHealth app. It also has a sleep tracker and measures your pulse.
    Because it doesn't have a forum I also use MFP and write down my food in both apps,which is a bit more work.
    At home I use a cross trainer, but normally I go to the gym for fitness classes and a power circle.
  • Zx14chick
    Zx14chick Posts: 255 Member
    I have a Fitbit Flex to track my steps and have been following it for my calorie burn estimates except when I actually go running or use the stationary bike. For more accurate calorie burn, I use my Polar FT4. I would LOVE to get the Fitbit HR, but I will wait until my current one gives out. I have already had to have Fitbit replace mine once and I was nearly out of the warranty period. I upgraded to the Fitbit Flex because it is waterproof. I accidentally washed my pedometer given to me by my employer. I use Map My Run and 10k For Pink (Android app); it's similar to C25K. I ran my first half marathon November 1st and wasn't really sure I would do it again, however I just received FREE registration for next year, so I have to do it now!

    I also use FabFitFoodie.com for recipes, as well as several other sites. The FFF blog is really good. She also blogs about workouts and other topics.
  • Spencerport
    Spencerport Posts: 270 Member
    HW: Garmin Vivofit & Garmin HRM
    SW: MFP
  • abbysmom814
    abbysmom814 Posts: 102 Member
    HW: Fitbit Flex and Polar HRM.
    SW: MFP
  • Software: MFP, UP
    Hardware : Jawbone UP I bought for $30 on Ebay :smile:
    Workout: clubs are too expensive but have stationary bike for indoors and a recumbent trike for outdoors. Will start walking again once I heal from my 4th foot surgery/fusion.
  • 24Gordonfan
    24Gordonfan Posts: 64 Member
    Right now just my smart phone and MFP. But I really want to get a Fitbit One Tracker...I have sensitive skin so I don't want one that I would have to wear. As for workouts/ exercise, I have a few Wii exercise games I do, work out DVDs...and I have two dogs that would love to go on walks. Haven't done any of those in a while...guess it means it's time to get started.
  • izu87
    izu87 Posts: 267 Member
    I'm with a Polar FT7 as an HRM, I got Garmin Vivofit for Christmas and additionally to MFP I use Endomondo whenever I bike, rollerskate or try to run.
  • BarbieAS
    BarbieAS Posts: 1,414 Member
    I've had a Fitbit for about 2.5 years now. That's about my only fancy gear/app, besides MFP, of course.
  • Palamedes
    Palamedes Posts: 174 Member
    Someone mentioned bikes. I now have two. My first bike is an old Trek 820 Mountain Bike that I've converted into a street bike. Changed out the seat for something comfy. Changed out the grips. I've got a bunch of bike clothing now. My wife refers to this as the MAMINS (Middle Aged Man In Neon Spandex) effect. I also added some lights since I tend to ride before work in the dark of morning. 2000 miles since last May.

    I also have a new road bike. I'm just have to spend more time on it. Biking has been a really good way for me to get moving. Luckily, I moved to a place where I have an excellent set of country roads where I can ride in peace. I also drive over to a local island and ride around on the bike trail.

    My wife uses a Scwhinn recumbent exercise bike. I like being out in the open air.
  • CA_Underdog
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    edited December 2014
    For hardware I have a Lumo Lift. It has fewer functions than a FitBit One, but is harder to lose for those of us without bra straps, and also good for improving posture.

    For software I'm using MyFItnessPal, Fitocracy, HealthyWage, PlanToEat, and The Walk.
  • turtlez23
    turtlez23 Posts: 156 Member
    I just got the fitbit flex for Christmas and I use MFP in which they both sync together. It is nice but I am still learning on how to obtain optimal results.
  • frazz007
    frazz007 Posts: 771 Member
    I have a fitbit One and just signed up for MFP. Thus far Fitbit and MFP work well together.
  • bahbedwire
    bahbedwire Posts: 95 Member
    I have been using the Fitbit Flex and MFP mainly. I also have C25K, but I don't use it very often. Such a hassle to run with my phone! I also have been using pintrest for inspiration, a well as youtube for exercise videos. Mainly for yoga!

    Hope everybody is doing well today! Great first day to the challenge. :)
  • lexidear
    lexidear Posts: 70 Member
    I've got a fitbit flex, got it a few weeks ago, so will be using that :smile:
  • Debarella
    Debarella Posts: 16 Member
    Was surpised with a fitbit for C-mas didn't think I would like it but I have fallen for the thing ;-) like that it syncs with mfp.
  • phulish
    phulish Posts: 10 Member
    HW: FitBit Flex
    SW: MFP, Jefit (to log lifting), Zombies, 5K (it's a different approach to c25k, with a zombie story)

    I keep eyeing the new Jawbone UP3. Think that might be my next addition.
  • 2CABetterMe
    2CABetterMe Posts: 119 Member
    Hardware: Got a Garmun Vivofit w/heart rate monitor for Christmas
    Software: MFP and Garmun Connect
  • aconiam77
    aconiam77 Posts: 21 Member
    Fitbit One, Treadmill, BitGym (this is pricey though, I have to find a cheaper app that will keep me entertained during my walks). I will be getting an AppleWatch once they're released.
  • performfully
    performfully Posts: 126 Member
    I have a cheap/old Polar HRM. I am looking into getting something that can provide constant HRM, since I found out within the last few months I have a heart condition. Not sure what to invest in yet.