Weigh in Information and Starting Weight Posting



  • Medilia
    Medilia Posts: 230 Member
    Current weight: 148.9lb
    Weight for challenge: 128lb
    Ultimate goal weight: 121lb

    So in other words this challenge should almost get me to my goal
  • performfully
    performfully Posts: 126 Member
    Start MFP weight: 210
    Start weight for Challenge: 174
    Goal Weight for Challenge: 150
    Ultimate Goal Weight: 150
    Lbs to Lose: 24

    I feel ambitious, but my wedding dress alterations need done the beginning of April so here's to kicking the butt of the last 1/3!
  • Arbelina
    Arbelina Posts: 102 Member
    Ready to roll: 183
  • schonerhirt
    schonerhirt Posts: 17 Member
    Current weight: 163
    Goal weight (challenge): 143
    Ultimate Goal: 128
  • Rebekah170786
    Rebekah170786 Posts: 13 Member
    Current weight 180
    Goal for Easter 160
    Ultimate goal 150
  • LeelooX2014
    LeelooX2014 Posts: 157 Member
    Easter is Sunday April 5th. I will weigh in in 1/1, but I'm thinking I'll also weigh in on Sundays from that point on to end on the last day of the challenge. Are we recording weight each week and keeping a running list? I like that because you can see how everyone has been doing.
  • addokai
    addokai Posts: 68 Member
    Start MFP weight-100kg
    Start weight for group-80kg
    Goal weight for group- 72kg
    Utimate goal weight-72kg
    Total weight to lose- 8kg
  • olliethecat
    olliethecat Posts: 22 Member
    Start MFP weight 326 lbs
    Start weight for Challenge 311 lbs
    Goal weight for Easter 291 lbs
    Ultimate goal for 2015 200 lbs
  • whytepalmer
    Current Weight: 167
    Goal for Easter: 147
    Ultimate Goal Weight: 120
  • lwdllc
    lwdllc Posts: 234 Member
    Current and Starting Weight for Challenge : 179
    Goal Weight for Easter : 159
    Ultimate Goal Weight : 135

    I'm going to update my MFP goals, I have been off the wagon for much too long, my main goal for 2015 is to LOG ALL OF MY FOOD, even if I don't make it on MFP everyday, I will keep a journal with me so that I can catch up my MFP data.

    Good luck everyone! Looking forward to making some new friends!
  • clwheeland
    clwheeland Posts: 3 Member
    Current weight: 143 (up 8 pounds over the holidays, ugh!)
    Goal for Easter: 130
    Ultimate goal weight: 125
  • dridings74
    dridings74 Posts: 25 Member
    Start MFP weight: November 17th - 204.6
    Start weight for Challenge - 194.2 (Dec 31)
    Goal Weight for Challenge - 174
    Ultimate Goal Weight: 160-165 (trying to go by how I feel and how my clothes fit instead of just the number on the scale)

  • rainydays5
    rainydays5 Posts: 217 Member
    Current weight: 240.6
    Goal for Easter: 220
    1st ultimate goal: 180
  • frazz007
    frazz007 Posts: 771 Member
    Starting MFP weight: 188 (Dec 29, 2014
    Start Weight for Challenge-188
    Goal weight for challenge-168
    Ultimate Goal-130

    Wish there was a like button! Already like many of your posts.
  • LeslieTSUK
    LeslieTSUK Posts: 215 Member
    edited December 2014
    I log my weight on the 1st of each month.

    Start MFP weight: Sept 24th - 231

    Start weight for Challenge - 199

    Goal Weight for Challenge - 179

    Ultimate Goal Weight:154

    Lbs to Lose: 45

    1st time I've ever done one of these challenges, rather excited lol.....
    Didn't think I'd ever hear myself say that about a weight loss challenge :)
  • akoullias
    akoullias Posts: 18 Member
    Highest weight: 181
    Start weight for challenge: 155
    Goal weight for Easter: 135

    If anyone has similar goals feel free to add me!
  • hortensehildegarde
    hortensehildegarde Posts: 592 Member
    Start MFP weight: Jan 2014 - 249

    Start weight for Challenge - 199

    Goal Weight for Challenge - 179

    Ultimate Goal Weight: 123?

    Lbs to Lose: 76?
  • KerrieCC
    KerrieCC Posts: 118 Member
    start weight for challenge:202
    Easter goal:182
  • mariaoutlook
    Current weight: 196 lbs (88.5 kg)
    Easter Goal: 176 lbs (80 kg.)
    Ultimate Goal: 154 lbs (70 kg.)
  • Happy2015mfp
    Current weight: 180lb
    Goal easter weight: 160lb
    Final goal weight: 130lb