I am a lazy bum! lol. I really need to get my butt off the couch but I am seriously lacking motivation lately. My dog really wants to go for walks but it's so ccccCOLD out. My doctor prescribed eating plan is really working for me but exercise would take it up a notch.

What kind of exercise are you doing and how often?


  • fancycakemaker
    fancycakemaker Posts: 57 Member
    I have started a group that will be tracking weekly mileage. We are walking around the Earth! Cycling, walking/running/jogging, swimming miles all count. The 'trip' starts in Ecuador and we will be heading east along the Equator.

  • amanda_richelle
    amanda_richelle Posts: 23 Member
    I've made a binder of 30 day challenges that I've printed off line and workouts I've pulled from magazines. I live in Northern Michigan, so I understand cold (and I don't do cold). I plan on doing the challenges and workouts to build up muscle so when it finally warms up outside I will be able to go out and run/ride my bike and put those newly built muscles to good use.
  • In the winter, my focus has been on using workout videos I check out from the library, an elliptical, and walking my pup. I try to get in 1-2 hours daily, with more on the weekends.