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  • Lots of great runners on here. Would love running friends so please add me. I just ran my first ever race, a 10k, have a half in March and full in April
  • AnnicaJohansson
    AnnicaJohansson Posts: 19 Member
    Hello everyone! I'd love running friends so please add me, I'm currently training for my second 100km race. I'm both excited and terrified, this is going to be awesome!
  • christyprunner
    christyprunner Posts: 70 Member
    Always looking for new MFP friends! I have completed 17 marathons, more halfs, 10ks, etc.
    however, I am focusing on losing about 35 lbs... It's tough while running distance. Have a couple of halfs this spring while working on nutrition.
  • hiker_chick
    hiker_chick Posts: 16 Member

    I love running and am about to complete my second marathon (albeit slowly). Feel free to add me!
  • AZ0310
    AZ0310 Posts: 201 Member
    I'm an extremely slow new runner, in as people can walk faster than I run. I started last April with C25K and I've very slowly increased my base to 25/32 mpw. I've signed up for two halfs this year and a marathon next November.