Fitbit Sleep Tracking- how well do you sleep?

So... according to my fitbit Charge, I wake up/am restless an average of 12 times a night. I'm working with my doctor on some sleeping issues and I'm wondering if this is accurate. How many times a night are you awake/restless?


  • leooftheyear
    leooftheyear Posts: 429 Member
    mine actually surprises me sometimes, i know some of the time i am actually awake and it seems pretty accurate for the restless piece at least
  • momaureen
    momaureen Posts: 5 Member
    I'm restless about 11 times a night but those are not times I'm waking. I usually wake up once a night.

    Another question is what is considered a good "sleep efficiency" percentage?
  • jasonp_ritzert
    jasonp_ritzert Posts: 357 Member
    I am 'awake' usually 1-2x/night, but I also have a toddler that still wakes up occasionally during the night. The 'restless' periods vary. I've only had mine for two weeks, but for the first week I was restless 12-16x/night but for the last week it's been 4-6x/night.
  • 100andOnward
    100andOnward Posts: 145 Member
    Mine appears to be pretty accurate, especially now that I'm using the HR.
  • BikerGirlBlaze
    BikerGirlBlaze Posts: 29 Member
    it was my first night last night and my Fitbit One turned off at 2.30 am. Not sure why. Where do you where your's? Inside wrist, outside wrist etc? How do you keep from hitting the button that turns on/off the sleep function?
  • Zazzles2906
    Zazzles2906 Posts: 18 Member
    I feel like I sleep solidly but I am constantly tired no matter how much sleep I've had. My fitbit flex is showing that I am restless about 15 times a night for about 250 minutes. My sleep efficiency is between 40-50%. Should I be concerned and therefore seeing a doctor or do you think perhaps the fitbit flex isn't accurate?

    Sorry for all the questions.