Max 30

texstorm Posts: 158 Member
I just started month two of Max 30 on Monday and wanted to see if anyone else here was doing it yet.

I loved month one, but month two is handing me my behind in a big way.


  • izu87
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    Hey, I'm currently into the first week of Max:30, however, I will be restarting as I had to take a break due to some appointments during the week.

    So far I'm totally loving it.
  • I'm in month 2 also!! I started it Monday. Month 2 is CRAZY!!!
  • texstorm
    texstorm Posts: 158 Member
    Month two is humbling. My last time doing Tabata Strength last week I maxed at a but over 27 minutes. Today doing Max Strength I maxed a 7 minutes.
  • diepi
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    Just finished week 2, month 1!!!
  • Started last week - love Shaun T!!
  • I have two weeks left! I find month 2 more fun than the first month :)
  • moriart1
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    I've been thinking about buying Max 30... I've done Insanity twice and also done a half-marathon/Insanity combination. I tried T25, but I was disappointed. It just wasn't up to the intensity that I was looking for, but I definitely need a shorter workout. I'd love to hear feedback about Max 30 and if it's worth buying!
  • hawksvixxen
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    Me too. Feedback would be great - I've done Insanity, doing T25 for the second time. Would love to hear more about Insanity Max 30 works and it's program.
  • mariacolumbus
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    Can someone explain how Max 30 is different than T25? thanks!
  • phyre_5
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    Hello everyone! I've done a few of the Max 30 workouts, and as an Insanity graduate, I completely love it. I'm planning on starting the program on Monday. I think this one differs from T25 in that it's a bit more challenging, but it's different from Insanity because 1. it's on 30 minutes, and 2. there is someone next to Shaun T with doing the modified version. I'm stoked about starting it next week :smile:
  • mariacolumbus
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    Thanks for the explanation! very helpful :)
  • lstok873
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    Yes, I just finished week 1 of Month 2 as well. I actually like Month 2 better (except for Max strength which he fooled me!). Month 1 was completely so much upper body, I'm grateful I made it through. Month 2 I think I'm seeing alot more leg work and the upper body isn't as daunting as Month 1 (again, except for Thursday).

    To me, here is the difference from T25 & Max 30. T25 used the progressive method..where you would start out with an easy move, an easy sequence, and it would get progressively harder throughout. Max 30 is much like the original Insanity where you do a warm up and hit it hard the entire time. Also, T25 the weekly workouts were varied...a speed workout, a full body, an upper body, an ab. Max 30 again, is cardio Mon-Fri, and hits hard on all body parts daily. The workouts are all different, but they don't focus on a single body part...there is arms, leg, and abs in each and every workout! Anyone wants to friend me please do! I'll be finishing up Max 30 and starting Extreme right after. After that I have no idea!

    I haven't really seen any results disappointedly from the program. My arms are getting buff, but I was really hoping to see some great ab results and overall fat melting. I'm used to eating with the Fix diet. With the original Insanity I carbed & proteined up and ate at a consistent 1500 like the program suggested. In Max 30 I fall within the lowest bracket (consistent with Fix) and struggle each day. I tried upping it and didn't lose I just keep chugging along :). I'll get that T-shirt!!!!!
  • keepmovinstrong
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    I'm starting feb 9th. Looking forward to starting.
  • jpaxton1118
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    I started Monday. I am surprised at how hard it is and how I need to use the modifier. I thought with running I had a pretty good endurance level but since I am working different muscles that is not true. I will be interested to see if this improves my running.
  • earthsember
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    I just finished the first week, and I've seen some inches lost, but no lbs lost.
    I've done Insanity, and prior to Max 30 I just finished a round of Chalean Extreme - and honestly this is a bit harder than either of those (I the amount of weight I could lift increase nicely with CE, but man those tricep dips in Tabata Strength got me both times this week!).
    I've only done the T25 Core Speed dvd, and its a lot of fun, but if it's anything like the rest of the T25 program it isn't much of a challenge in comparison to Insanity or Insanity Max 30.