Should I Try to Be a King Crab?



  • chemlabdoc
    chemlabdoc Posts: 30 Member
    If you want to train on ice, try icebugs. They are at amazon and shoebuy. They are studded and work great.
  • pjmagno
    pjmagno Posts: 1 Member
    I have run each of the three races the past two years. I enjoyed all of them. Corrigan sports does a fantastic job. So I was a King Crab last year when they did this first. you have enought time to get ready for the Frederick half. Once done you can train some but not too much for the 10 miler. Expect some hills on all these courses. The 10 miler in particular usually has a nice premium. Last year a jacket.

    Plan on getting to the races early to allow time for parking and reduce stress. All have adequate parking if you get there early. have fun!!
  • AZ0310
    AZ0310 Posts: 201 Member
    They have new stuff for the king crab this year. Frederick has three sponsored training runs. Tomorrow is the 6 mile. There will be 9-mile and 12-mile runs later. It may be posted on the site.
  • Robbnva
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    I plan on possibly doing the king crab next year, I'm doing the Frederick half this year, its my first half.