Warrior All Stars - CHAT (Wk 17 01/22-01/28)

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Week 17 Commercial Challenge (01/22 - 01/28):

Hey gang! Jodee, 12qw34, had a great idea for this week's Commercial Challenge, as next week is the Season Finale. Thank you Jodee!

This week’s Commercial Challenge will be a little different than in the past. We usually exercise physically during commercials. This week, we will be exercising mentally during commercials!

Commercial Challenge this week:


During the Commercials, reflect on what you have learned during this Biggest Loser: Glory Days Challenge that will help you going forward, to continue to lose weight and keep it off.

Reflect and share your scale and non-scale victories!

Remember to Weigh-In, Chat about the Show, do the Reflection Commercial Challenge and EXTRA Finale Challenge before Wednesday, January 28th, at Midnight. :)


cycletrak1 :)


  • cycletrak1
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    I enjoyed the show tonight. I always like the show where they add the weight back on. I have an exercise vest that I can add little 1 pound weights to. I added the 20 pounds that I had lost and man is that ever heavy....weighs me down. The plus side, when I take it off, I feel soooo much lighter!

    I've learned that a lot of weight problems are due to mental stress. In order to be successful, you need to fix the mental stress You have get you head out of the way because your head is what is keeping you fat!

  • ThisCanadian
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    Guys, I had no idea it aired this week :( I was sick the past few days so I stayed in bed, I saw that it didn't tape so I assumed we skipped a week. :(

    I will need to find it online then catch up.
  • andy_geek
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    The show was ok, not great. I did like watching the trainers get worked out and collapse in exhaustion at the end :smile:

    I rode the exercise bike for 20 minutes of the show, wish I had done this starting from the beginning of the season.
  • meganfoster12
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    I must say I loved this episode, TV shows don't get me teary eyed but this one did; watching their journey video was incredible!! I made a video to the myself similar to what they did and I will be using it throughout my journey to motivate and encourage me! I also loved seeing the weight taken off scene; I will be doing that later on in my journey to show myself how far I have come :) I enjoyed watching the trainers get their butt kicked too.... Happy to see Sonya in top 3 which it was Woody instead of Rob but it still will be a battle!
  • ThisCanadian
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    Does anyone have a link?
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    Here are links last week's show:


    Try this link if inside the US:

    Try this link if outside the US:

  • digger61
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    Like it when they put the weight back on. Also liked the workout for the trainers should of been woody instead of rob better workouts no complains
  • ThisCanadian
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    I really enjoyed this episode. I'm glad Queen Sonja is in the finales and I'm really rooting for her to take the crown.

    I've learned that you need another output for stress outside of food. Feeling bad? Bored? Sad? These are no reasons to snack on high calorie/low nutritional food.

    My clothes are fitting better, so I guess that counts as a NSV! My winter jacket is no longer uncomfortably snug. I'm also incorporating more healthy stir-fries into my diet. Yay for more veggies.
  • watersm04
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    Thanks for posting the link. I was able to watch tonight. It was an okay show for me, not the best. I did like what Sonya had to say, it kind of hit home with me.

    I learned that this is going to be long process but it can be done. I'm learning to take it one pound at a time.

  • DonnaDTW
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    Great show! Really loved seeing Jen & Jesse all sweaty, I don't ever remember Jillian or Bob getting that involved....very cool. Looking forward to finale :)

    Liked the mental challenge, good to reflect. Didn't make much progress but I really try to remind myself it's a journey not a race.
  • twinkle150
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    Haven't watched yet.
  • Shell_7609
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    I feel bad for not posting before our deadline, I managed to slip on the ice & hit my head last Thursday, and I wasn't paying much attention while watching. I do remember I liked seeing the trainers have to go through a workout, and I wished Rob would have went home instead of Woody. I've learned that I need to quit making excuses
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