Haven't Even Started and Stalling?!

Ok, ok, so this isn't a real stall. But I started my liquid pre-op diet a week ago and I’ve lost exactly 1.1lbs. I haven’t cheated, not even a little bit. I’ve been drinking tons of water and taking all of my vitamins.
I have a week left of this, and every day I wake up hoping that five pounds will magically be gone. I’m eating 850 calories a day for goodness sake. I’m worried that my surgeon will see my weight practically the same as it was at my last appointment and think I’ve been cheating.
Did this happen to anyone else?


  • rscpjim
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    Hate to sound like a broken record but make sure that your getting your protein in. That was the one thing I did more than anything was make sure I got my protein drinks in.
    Calories be darned...lol Water is great but protein will keep your weight loss going before and after surgery. Oh and one more thing.. Remember to take some sort stool softener. Ugh! I didn't as I had never in my life had an issue with being constipated. Well hello!
    Learned the hard way. Just a thought! Good Luck Sammers! I am about 2 weeks out from mine. And already reaping the rewards!
  • pawoodhull
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    I agree, without the protein for fuel the body can hang onto the weight because it feels like it's starving. Add to that increased liquids and you could be retaining and/or constipated. When it lets go and you start losing, it will be fast. Just wait for it.
  • Sammers48220
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    Thanks guys! I'll try to add in a little more protein and see what happens. Maybe I'll add some lemon to my water and see if it flushes out any extra too. Or try a stool softener!

    At this point I'm willing to try anything!
  • SkinnyDevi
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    I'm on day 6 of my pre-op diet. My plan allows me to have a shake or food (max 250 calories of lean meat and greens) for each meal. I'm averaging about 750-900 calories/day. I started on Sunday and have lost 8 lbs. I've done a combination of Premier Protein shakes and meals consisting of 4 oz chicken breast/fish & salad and 1 serving of fruit for a snack. I've noticed that i've lost more weight on days where my protein intake was higher and where i did shakes twice a day verses once a day. Perhaps you will see some change if you switched it up a bit (if your surgeon allows it). Good luck.
  • loriloftness
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    I didn't have to do a pre-op diet per se, but after surgery I reached a point where my weight loss stalled. I got the same advice from members here...more protein. It worked. I increased my protein intake and w/in a few days the weight was dropping again.
  • authorwriter
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    You know, we need this surgery because it's hard for us to lose weight. Do as the doctor directs. If weight loss were easy, you wouldn;t need this surgery.
  • Shoefly318
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    I am also on the pre op liquid diet 3 protein shakes and clear liquids I am averaging about 500 calories but two of the days I only did 2 protein shakes and I stalled lost nothing and to be honest did not feel that great the next day so I'm really trying to keep the protein up I am mainly drinking premiere protein.good luck it will continue to come off
  • Sammers48220
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    After reading everyone's replies, I looked at the nutrition facts on my protein shakes. For reference, I'm on HMR 800 shakes, supposedly they're specifically formulated for weight loss. Each one has 20 grams of sugar! My dietician specifically told me that I couldn't do premiere protein because they were too high calorie, and yet they put me on a diet of 80g of sugar a day. No wonder I haven't lost very much, I must be retaining water like crazy.

    The other day I only had two shakes and ate a chicken breast, some cottage cheese, and vegetables for my food meal and the scale was 2 lbs lower the next morning. I'm convinced the shakes are the culprit.
  • renovagirl
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    Sammers - have you looked at the Synthrax Nectar protein powders? I still use them today and I'm 3.5 years post surgery. My favorite is the capucchino. I mix one packet (23 gms protein) with 8oz of decaf coffee. Throw in a bunch of ice and it tastes like yummy ice coffee. Zero carbs, Zero sugar. 90 calories

    I buy it in the individual "grab and go" size.