Charge HR not showing all sleep hours

Spedangie Posts: 108 Member
I have been using a Fitbit Charge HR for 2 weeks now, and am quite happy with it--mostly. But I have noticed several times that is missing a lot of my sleep hours. Last night it was correct on when I went to bed (although I do find it amusing that it says it took no time for me to fall asleep (I KNOW I was awake for a minimum of 15 minutes). The problem is that it shows I got up about 1:50 am and never went back to sleep. I did get up at about that time, but only to get a drink in the kitchen, then use the bathroom and pet the cat briefly. I was up perhaps 5 or so minutes; then went back to bed and did not get up until the silent alarm (love this feature!) woke me up at 6:05 AM. I frequently get up at least once a night, and at times the sleep pattern has been recorded in two sections-before and after getting up for a few minutes. But several times it has recorded the same as last night; no more sleep recorded after I was up in the middle of the night for a few minutes. Is there any logical explanation for this happening?


  • neonnitelight
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    I haven't got my Charge HR yet, but you can edit the time you woke up or went to sleep through the mobile app or website. While I know it's slightly inconvenient, it'll at least be more accurate. If I have any problems after I get mine on Monday, I'll let you know what I find out.
  • msiamjan
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    Yes, you can edit it. But I was wondering about it, and apparently it determines that you've gone to sleep when your heart rate is low and you're not moving for an continuous hour. I generally go to bed around 11, but it never seems to think I've gone to sleep until after 1 a.m. I was guessing that during those earlier hours I'm still moving, although I perceive myself to be asleep. I'd love to learn if there is a better explanation.