36 hours post-op and OUCH

I was so excited to finally have my surgery after a year of fighting for it that I wasn't nervous at all going in. I was thrilled. I joked around with my pre-op nurses and shook my surgeon's hand and I was beaming the whole time. I was probably smiling when I drifted off to dreamland.

Then I basically woke up throwing up. At least that's what I remember. I spent over two hours in recovery before they would let my family see me or take me up to my room because they were having a hard time waking me up (felt like 15 minutes at the time). And when I did wake up, boy was I sick. They pushed four doses of an anti-nausea drug through my IV with minimal effect. Then the gas pains started, and they were so bad I could barely breathe. The Dilaudid they put me on couldn't touch it. The nurses kept asking me to get up and walk, which I could, but it made me so nauseated that I would start dry heaving and spitting up blood. I would guess that a lot of you also got nauseous at some point during recovery, but no one could've explained to me what dry-heaving for 24 hours when you've just had most of your stomach removed feels like. It's less than awesome.

This morning, they finally found an anti-nausea cocktail that worked and I started refusing my pain meds, because they were making it worse. Now, I feel a world away from where I was yesterday, but boy was that a shock to wake up to. I got so caught up in the excitement of starting my new life that I forgot that it was going to start with a real, serious, and painful surgery.

Not that I regret a second of it, I don't! I'm still glad I did this, although I'm even happier that the last day and a half are behind me. Now, let the healing begin...


  • rscpjim
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    Welcome to the new you and your new life! Just know those gas pains will be with you for a few days. No worries keep walking a little more each day and that will go away!
    Happy for you and good luck!
  • mfpdevotee
    yikes! what an experience....it took about 3 days for the gas to subside for me.. i like your attitude though...knowing that the worst is over and it's going to get better ever hour because it will and it does! congrats!
  • klcovington
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    Congrats on the surgery! It will get better each day...so hang in there.
  • boomerkae
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    I woke up similarly but not as bad. I knew anesthesia tore me up so I begged in advance for good meds. I woke up, passed out, woke up, passed out. Over and over. Then the nausea hit. Got sick in recovery. Heard the nurse call my husband to tell him that once I was under control id be in my room. Sick again. I had a hard time explaining that it wasn't bad pain, but sore, I think I felt the gas immediately. But they kept pumping me full of meds. It was rough, 2nd day gas was horrible, but moving along nicely since! So now you know you aren't the only one and it gets better. Keep up the great atitude and get walking!
  • rpyle111
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    Waking up from anesthesia was the only rough part for me. I have apnea and use a CPAP and the recovery team apparently didn't realize this. As I was coming out, a nurse kept coming up to shake my shoulder and tell me to breathe. It was only after the third time (that I remember) that I was able to tell her that I had a CPAP and they should put it on me. Then, as I was coming into my senses, the guy next to me got all rambunctious and wanted his catheter out, was getting really pissed off because he didn't believe that he wasn't going to pee all over himself and he thought the nurses were just laughing at him.

    It was right out of a sitcom for my drug addled brain!

    Great to hear you are through the surgery and every day will get a little better!

  • lorilbuckner1
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    Congratulations! So glad your doing better! The more I read the more I see there is just no way to know how each person will respond to the surgery. So sorry you had such a rough start. As my momma always told me when things sucked.. This too shall pass! She was always right. Praying each day is better and better for you!
  • ac7nj
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    Well my experience is quite different than what you had. I woke up while being moved to my room. I had discussed my tolerance to pain medication in advance, it takes a lot of it to work for me. I received oxycontin and my pain was almost gone. Knowing about the gas I got up and walked and walked some more, as a nurse I knew what would help. I never got nausea or gas pain I equate that to the walking. Had to stay an extra day because I didn't urinate.
  • jcfelbi
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    Kinda like childbirth, though... my experience totally sucked (for maybe 2 days) but once I felt better, I felt really much better and it has been smooth sailing ever since! So hang in there and take comfort knowing the worst is behind you : )
  • weeziebeth
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    I am thankful for a fairly uneventful postoperative period….other than it taking HOURS for me to really wake and some constant low level nausea for the 1st day or so. I found the first few weeks to be very challenging from a 'what you can have to eat or drink' standpoint…but once past that-Bob's your uncle. Hang in there, it will get better quickly.
  • Sammers48220
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    So glad to know I'm not alone with a rough recovery! Today has been a lot better. The gas pains are hanging on, but a dose of pain meds every six hours or so has been keeping it under control. I met my protein goal for the day and I'm close to getting all of my water in too, so everything seems to be on track.

    Rob, your story had me cracking up! All I remember from recovery was repeatedly telling my nurse "I'm so sorry for being mean, I'm so sick!" over and over again.

  • Thaeda
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    Compared to your recovery, mine was a breeeeeze. Easy peasy. Hope you have a smoother road from here on out.
  • 2BeHappy2
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    Sammers, I wish youd read my thread that I posted after my surgery (mid Oct).
    Although I didn't have the gas or "shoulder" pains, I was vomiting sick and in pain.
    For me to say that means something because Ive endured several surgeries in my life so like my husband explained to them "she has a high tolerance, so if she's in pain then she's really in pain."
    I didn't even comprehend that I had a way to inject my own pain meds till the next day, that's how in and out I was!
    I wasn't pushed, rushed or mandated to walk that day, I think they felt bad for me.
    At the seminar and in a class they pounded it into us that we were going to have surgery and w/in a short time be walking.
    I know I couldn't have...I just didn't have the strength :neutral_face:
  • loriloftness
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    I'm sorry you had such a rough start, but glad you are getting better. I'm totally impressed that you are almost meeting your water intake because it took me several days before I could take more than a sip. Keep up the good work and in no time the gas pain will be gone. Then you will have the itchy incisions to deal with :)