6th Weigh In: February 5th!

Hope everyone's doing great! I will be turning in my weight tomorrow afternoon when i weigh in for class. I know I am the heaviest one in this group but I don't know if that also means I am the newest at trying to lose weight.

I just wanted to say if any of you are having a hard time staying focused or eating right let me know because I am always on the same page, It is so much easier to get fast food with the guys at work then find healthy food when I don't pre-plan my meals. If anyone wants a support buddy feel free to let me know and we can add each other on Facebook or text.

:) Have a great day everyone! Looking forward to those weigh-ins tomorrow.


  • GrammyPeachy
    GrammyPeachy Posts: 1,723 Member
    1/1 - 229.0 lbs
    1/8 - 226.8 lbs (2.2 lb loss)
    1/15-225.8 (only 1 lb loss :\ )
    1/22-222.6 (3.2 lb loss)
    1/29-220.4 (2.2 lb loss)
    2/5 - 219.6 (.8 lbs loss...TOM is killing me :( )
  • Frayde
    Frayde Posts: 321 Member
    Gained 1.6 this week. TOM for me too...and my sweetie bought ice cream, so I indulged. Okay, back on track!!

    Hey, where are you all? I'm the only one who's posted to the spreadsheet so far! Is everyone sleeping in on a Thursday?? :wink:
  • I weighed in a 254 yesterday evening! Lost 1 lb this week :)