Didn't see any change till now.

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I am almost six months out and 75 pounds down! I felt better but didn't think I looked any different... Until I saw these photos. I was just curious about changes in my face and compared the two. Second picture is before surgery and First was taken today. It's amazing the difference! Thank you all for the support. j97la9bnlenl.jpg



  • krouse83
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    Sorry picture isn't straight. Not great about posting things!
  • pawoodhull
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    Wow! That's a difference you can see for sure! You look even more beautiful! Great job!!
  • garber6th
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    Big difference, you look awesome! This is why pictures are so important, they really do help us see the changes more than the mirror!
  • rscpjim
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    Yep the words are in the picture! WOW! Congrats!
  • lenac87
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    I see a big difference! you look great! :)
  • rpyle111
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    Looking fabulous!

    I am a big proponent of taking 'before pictures'. I am very glad I have my in process pictures as even now, only 10 months after starting this process, I don't remember being in that bigger body, but the pictures help remind me. Hopefully they will also help in the future during low motivation/poor behaviors creeping back phases of my life.

    'Before' pictures may be difficult to take, but I encourage all of the new folks to take them, even if you stick them in a folder somewhere only to be looked at when you are successful.

    Congrats and keep up the great work!

  • chip305
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    You look absolutely stunning!
  • ac7nj
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    You look great
  • loriloftness
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    There is most certainly a difference--BIG difference. You look great--though I will say you were very pretty before too. Good job!
  • asia1967
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    WOW! you were beautiful before, now you are beautiful and healthy. You can definitely see the difference. WTG!
  • weeziebeth
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    You look fantastic-healthy and radiant and beautiful!
  • SkinnyDevi
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    You look great!
  • JEMP65
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    Such a beautiful girl! All of your hard work is paying off. Congratulations.
  • imboswell
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    You look great. Keep up the good work. Congratulations!! :D