Two cysts causing pain- ok to walk/jog?

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Hi everyone :) I'm 5w5d pregnant, and had been having some pretty intense pain in my groin for the past few days. Since I just had major surgery for endometriosis in January, I am at a higher risk for ectopic. They had me come in for an ultrasound yesterday, and thankfully things are where they are supposed to be so far. But I have two 3.8cm cysts on my left ovary, which is what is causing the shooting pains.

I was cautioned not to lift anything heavy. Do you think walking/jogging would be ok? I'll talk to my OB about it today, but I'm hoping to stay as active as I can. Have any of you had this happen? Did they just resolve on their own?


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    Hi, I'm due in June and discovered during a recent scan that i have a large dermoid cyst on each ovary, approx 6x7cm. I haven't been given any instructions about changing lifestyle or exercise, just warned that as pregnancy progresses and space in my pelvis is reduced, the cysts may get squished and be more sore. Dr says surgery is likely once I've had bub but not worth worrying about now. I have scans every 4wks to check on bubs and also some pregnancy bleeding I've been having so they check my cysts each time too.

    I've reduced my cardio partly because of the cysts and also because of stretching pains etc but I still walk quite a bit. I'm doing more weights now though, especially my arms (getting ready for all that baby carrying I'll be doing). I haven't noticed any difference in pain or growth.