40k!! Today I did it!!!

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40k done!!/ 20 miles!!! :-D

I am doing one of the work week step challenges - one of my competitors obviously has an active job and I've been trying to keep up with him lol (well a gal has to try eh :-D )

40k steps in a day?? How is it done? well before today I'd have thought, nah, not me, not when I usually average 17k

Here's how I did it:-

6.15am - Fast walk for 20 mins (until hubby ready for me to make his brekkie - good wifey that I am :-D )

7am - jog for 73 mins (then time to get ready for work! 14k steps done before work!)

2.30pm home again as on half day at work -intervals fast walking and jogging for 2 hrs (yes 2 hrs!) That got me to 30k steps by 5pm

(mad eejit or what!!!???!!!)

6pm still doing steps while making dinner and tidying house

7.30pm 1hr dancing/cardio

40,000 steps wooooooot.... *\O/*

Approx 250 minutes TO do all that!!!


<> my legs don't feel like they're about to fall off either.

<> My feet don't ache.

<> I feel GREAT!! (on a high actually!!)

<> I am strong. I am WOMAN... go meeee *\O/*

<> I am ECSTATIC!!

I am a teensy weensy wee bit tired...go figure lol

TDEE expected to be 2700 today by midnight per Fitbit

Had to eat a LOT more though - 2200! gotta fuel my body :-D

Just had to share <3 I'm all proud of myself you see :-D

Taa raa for now....time to put my feet up?...we shall see...... :)

*<*<> *<* *<*<> *<* *<*<> *<* *<*<> *<* *<*<> *<*


  • skinny4me2be
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    Wowzers!!! That's amazing!!! Way to go!!!
  • connorsmom1977
    Way to go!!!
  • docsavage911
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    Awesome accomplishment Ruthee! Nice job!
    The question is, can you keep that up regularly, or is that a once in a while goal?
  • LivingtheLeanDream
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    @docsavage911 No I can't keep that up lol...nor do I need to ... I wanted to prove I could do it :smile: Who has time or inclination to do 4+ hrs cardio every day lol. I'll stick to my 18-20k as I can do that easily. :smiley:

    But it shows me that a half marathon is doable. Wooot :smiley: