Daily Report 2015-4-2

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Good morning everyone....I am trying to tell myself it is a good morning.

Scale went in the wrong direction. Not from overeating or lack of exercise. Probably from the 2 hikes I did this week and all the eating out. Maybe too much sodium. I am determined to not let it deter me. Maybe drink more water and keep to the plan. Cook at home more. I talk to my husband about it and he agreed. More cooking at home.

thought for the day....
“Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength.”–Arnold Schwarzenegger

Have a great day


  • Mrsallen6_11
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    It is a good morning @Alisa, you got up, you're breathing, you're alive. I would call that a good morning. Our weight fluctuates so randomly, whether it's because we started a new workout, or if we changed our diet just a little bit, or sometimes it depends on (for women mainly) what cycle you're on in the month (TOM, etc.). When I started strength training I gained 3lbs, but then on my next weigh in I had lost it +1. Then the next week I started my TOM and I gain 2 more pounds. I wouldn't get too discouraged about it or try to fix anything just yet, but if the weight keeps coming back on that's when you know it's time to change something. I'd wait a couple weeks before I decide that though.

    I'm starting to like getting up super early with my husband though, I can get in some really awesome workouts now. On one hand I hope he continues to have to wake up so early but on the other hand I know it's wearing him down cause he's also having to work late into the afternoon as well. But the upside is 1) he's getting some good overtime in so his next check will be nice, and 2) I'm getting some nice fun workouts in in the mornings. Going to get some running in this evening, hoping to go a little bit farther in my vibrams today but if not I'll still be happy just to get a good run in.



    Can't wait to hear from everyone else about their day.

    ~ Kris
  • SRJennings
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    I went for another walk/jog. Wow it is a different and rather painful sensation when your muscles haven't done that in seven months! But, it is lovely to be outside in the warm air!
  • lsabeIIe
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    Hello beautiful ladies !

    I went for another run today. Shorter (4km) but faster. I might add some strength and yoga later.

    I'm feeling very good theses days and I enjoy every second of it. I must remember this feeling for the tougher days !