Mini goal celebration

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In January, my father lost his hard-fought battle with lung cancer, courtesy of his service in Vietnam. As he literally wasted away before our eyes, I packed on the pounds. When I finally stepped on a scale in mid-March, I was 213.6 lbs, the biggest I have ever been, making me morbidly obese at just 5'2". I decided then the best way to honor my father was to live a long and healthy life. Since then I have been eating right and walking at least an hour most days. The scale had been hovering right around 200 lbs all week, but today I weighed in at 199.6! I'm am still far from my ideal weight of 130 lbs (according to BMI), but I wanted to just take time to celebrate the achievements along the way. I'm one step closer everyday! Remember, it's the little things that truly add up!


  • Brans34
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    I'm so sorry for your loss!
    That is great progress that you have made in just one month! Congratulations!
    I'm sure that your dad is looking down on you with admiration for striving for a better life for yourself. I know that I want my own children to live long, happy, and healthy lives, whether I'm there or not. I'm sure he's proud of you. Keep up the great work!
  • chesves
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    I am so very sorry for your loss! I can't imagine! I think it's an awesome way to honor your father; I'm sure he'd be proud of you! Sounds like you're a fighter too! You've got this!
  • hhackley
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    So sorry for your loss. What a great way to honor your father! Keep up the good work and congratulations on meeting your mini goal! :)
  • roxiepoo1
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    Thank you, ladies, for the kind words and encouragement!
  • natalie3505
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    I am sorry for your loss. You have turned such a terrible loss into positive motivation though. Way to go on your mini goal!!! ☺
  • goingforahundred
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    Just thinking about how proud your father would be of you brings tears to my eyes. You should be proud as well. Keep it up!!!
  • AmandaStrickland1
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    Great job, that is awesome! Sorry for your the loss of your father, though.
  • RaeBeeBaby
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    Prayers and positive energy sent your way for your continued success on focusing on a healthy life. What an awesome way to honor your father's memory!