Weekly Weigh in Week 2~~ April 13th - 19th

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If you weigh in weekly post your results here anytime this week. Please don't be a slave to the scale, I hope you have measured and also take pride in the changes you have made this week. Are you exercising more, drinking more water or making healthy changes? That's a WIN!! Everyone is different and some will not drop anything this week while others will drop more. Know that as long as you commit and continue making healthy changes the weight will come off. So proud of EVERYONE!!!


  • ACSL3
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    Weighed in this morning at 173.4, which is 1.6lbs down from my starting weight for the challenge. Super excited about that. I've been working out more this past week which I think was very helpful - allowed me to eat more and still be under goal lol :)

    With my super old browser, I can open the spreadsheet and see myself, but I can't add my weight. If someone could add my weight as 173.4 for week 2 I would appreciate it! Thank you! :D
  • bjpryor30
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    Weighed myself this morning and I'm at 192. Kids say that they see a difference so I'm excited about that. It's a slow process which is really hard for me because I'm so impatient. Cant add on the speadsheet so if someone can add my weight for week 2 I would appriciate it. I hope everyone has a great week.
  • missbouncegb
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    So, first weigh in this morning and I lost 4.7lbs first week - down to 157.3lbs total. Really pleased with my first week's results. 15.3lbs left to lose - bring it on!
  • joshuapowell1989
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    I've lost 2.4lb since starting the challenge, very happy with my progress. Just to keep up the good work!
  • maicap22
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    Hi all, I've just maintained my weight but considering that I went over my calorie goal a few times this week, I think I'll take it than gaining. I will be stepping up my game this week though.
  • yogicarl
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    Same here maicap22 - no loss no gain. I did add a high intensity interval training session midweek, but then the hunger afterward was unbelievable - not for me! Need to look at evening eating before bedtime - too many calories there.
  • nev888
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    Well, 1 lb loss for me - would have been 2 if I'd weighed in yesterday but will stick to Mondays. At least it wasn't a gain.
  • taelor2
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    2 lbs down for me! I'm excited! I am working harder to make sure I'm eating good, did not take a treat day this week. ( A day where I eat one meal that I have been craving, even if it takes me over my calorie limit for the day).
  • Well done everyone!
    I enjoyed this week and did really well - bring on week two!
  • heatherc369
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    Week 2 Day 1 ! I prefer to weigh Fridays so I just entered Fridays weight on the spreadsheet.
    Today was my cardio day I did 65 mins on the Treadmill, 3.45 miles total.
  • natashanicholls123
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    Well I stepped on the scale this morning hoping for great things as I worked incredibly hard this week. It paid off. I went from 240lb to 232lb. -8 lbs week one!! So pleased 4 lbs was water weight but 4 lbs was actual weight loss. Soooo excited can't wait to see what next week bring:) if someone would be kind enough to add my loss to the spreadsheet I would really appreciate still can't seem to get on!
  • MammaxFive
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    Down 1lb. from last Monday, I think it would have been more but I'm bloated from PMS today. Hopefully I'll be down 2-3 more lbs by next Monday!
  • ash6151
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    Down 1lb from start of challenge.
  • Brans34
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    April 6: 166.5
    April 13: 164.2
    *Loss: 2.3 lbs
    April 20:
    April 27:
    May 4:
    May 11:
    May 18:
    May 25: (goal: 150)
    June 1:
    June 8:
    June 15:
    June 22:
    June 29:
    July 4: (goal: 140)
  • frontdoorangel
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    223- Down 2lbs.
  • acgansen
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    April 6: 157.2
    April 13: 156.4
    Not my best week, but I'm not complaining. A loss is a loss!
  • MayorGrimby
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    Down 1 pound this week but some of my measurements are up. It's weird, but I'm not letting it bother me. I did well in week 1 and stayed really active. I feel great and I can actually feel the difference in my endurance when on the elliptical or hiking. I can go so much longer without a break.
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    Down 1 pound this week... which is pretty good for me so I'm very happy with my 1 lb loss! B)
  • shaunjadon
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    down 2.4lbs....and ready to be down under 240. My new mini goal...4lbs to go!!
  • AshleyNicolePedigo
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    April 6: 184
    April 13: 182.8

    I did weigh 181 but had a pretty bad cheat day on Saturday and jumped up 4 pounds so almost got rid of that. Still 1.2 pound loss is better then nothing. Will def be better next week. Working my butt off and eating good this week! No cheat days/meals!
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