I can't believe I just...

blairmundy Posts: 219 Member
Registered for a mini triathlon! I don't care if I'm the last one across the finish line, I am going to FINISH!


  • rpyle111
    rpyle111 Posts: 1,066 Member
    Great! Having a training goal is a great way to motivate you!
  • juneaubug
    juneaubug Posts: 18 Member
    Get it, girl!
  • joysie1970
    joysie1970 Posts: 415 Member
    AWESOME!!! Go get up and don't forget to update us! I will be watching and cheering!
  • klcovington
    klcovington Posts: 381 Member
    So awesome! Way to go!!
  • weeziebeth
    weeziebeth Posts: 168 Member
    Work it!
  • blairmundy
    blairmundy Posts: 219 Member
    It's in 3 weeks. I've got the swimming portion down no problem and will walk-jog the running part. I just need to train on the bike and get up to 11 miles. I did 3 miles on sat and that was with the wrong kind of surface, a half flat tire and not knowing the right direction of the gears. I guess it isn't 'exactly like riding a bike' after all these years (ha!), but I'm gonna get there. Thanks for the encouragement!