looks like we have a new Doctor


  • rbartlett9671
    rbartlett9671 Posts: 193 Member
    Wel, *if* it's true, he hasn't accepted yet so we'll have to see...

    Either way, Auntie Beeb is saying they're still looking - this was posted earlier today...

  • loril13
    loril13 Posts: 320 Member
    I'll have to check my facebook feeds, but I thought I read this morning this rumor was false?
  • SlvrBluGoddess
    SlvrBluGoddess Posts: 240 Member
    I think I'll wait until I see the actual regeneration before I'll accept who they chose for the 12th Doctor... :laugh:
  • rbartlett9671
    rbartlett9671 Posts: 193 Member
    I would imagine it's false, but who knows... (geddit?? "Who" knows? LOL) he he he