Daily Report -2015- 4-16

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What a beautiful morning it is! The sun is shinning, the snow is glistening and all my plants survived the freezing night!

I also have already done 30 min of strength training this morning!

My husband has 5 gigs in the next 4 days so I am going to be alone a lot. Plan to make the most of the time and get some good exercise in.

Have a wonderful day everyone!

If you can dream it, you can do it. Walt Disney



  • Mrsallen6_11
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    Ok, well the good news is I CAN BREATH!!! without blowing snot bubbles (that actually happened yesterday, gross I know), but the bad news is that my voice has completely gone out so I can't talk today. And the funny thing is is part of my job is answering the phones and greeting people when they enter the office, well not today. I just printed out a sheet of paper that says, "WELCOME TO PECO FOODS, PLEASE SIGN IN AND TELL THE RECEPTIONIST WHO YOU'RE LOOK FOR. THANKS" and I've just been writing down names on post it notes and running around the office all day, YAY! exercise lol.

    These pretty much describe my day today lol.




    Hope everyone has a good day as well.

    ~ Kris
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    haha ! Ok next time life is a *** I'll do a burpee I promise ! :D
    I can't help but visualising myself getting a really bad news from someone and doing a burpee !
    I swear I will do it !

    I had a lot of cleaning to do today so I took a rest day.

  • scrapbookingtm
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    I had a lot of cleaning to do today so I took a rest day.


    Cleaning isn't always a rest :wink: