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Weekly Weigh in Week 3~~ April 20th - 26th



  • Fizzgig168
    Fizzgig168 Posts: 400 Member
    Well, I'm at 155.3, up over a pound a half from last week thanks to this plateau that I've now whinged about all over everywhere in this group, haha. I'm still down from my starting weight of 157 though, and I'm determined to push through this. Next week's weigh-in will be amazing!
  • clairebeaven
    clairebeaven Posts: 20 Member
    Week 201
    Week 3 201
    Frustrated that I didn't loose this week, but measured and have lost 1inch from my waist so somethings going right
  • summmermaria
    summmermaria Posts: 5 Member
    Challenge SW - 164
    Week 2 - 162.2
    Week 3 - 160.6
  • I_can_do_this2
    I_can_do_this2 Posts: 294 Member
    Good morning All,

    I lost 1 lb this week. I'm pretty happy as I've really been struggling lately - tiny progress is still progress. It's a low key week coming up so I'm hopeful for further progress.

    Here are my stats:
    OSW: 230 lbs
    UGW: 140 lbs

    Starting weight for the July 4 Challenge: 182 lbs
    Goal weight for this Challenge: 162 lbs
    Current weight: 181 lbs
    Weight remaining to lose in this Challenge: 19 lbs

    Have a wonderful week, everyone.
  • sekotsjd
    sekotsjd Posts: 40 Member
  • tim_w13
    tim_w13 Posts: 101 Member
    148.8. No change. I been really struggling with food. Couldnt do exercise. Just returned to work after6 months. Too much change with kids and work. Hoping for better week ahead.
  • jnmrie
    jnmrie Posts: 145 Member
    Challenge SW: 271
    Week 2: 266.5
    Week 3: 260.0

    Total loss: 11 lbs!
  • Soliasan
    Soliasan Posts: 30 Member
    4/9: 162.0 lbs
    4/16: 159.4 lbs
    4/23: 159.0
    Challenge loss: 3 lbs

    MFP Start: 191 lbs
    Challenge goal: 145 lbs
    Ultimate goal: 145 lbs
  • gracielu7
    gracielu7 Posts: 58 Member
    4/5: 140.0
    4/16: 138.6
    4/23: 139.4

    Challenge Loss: 0.6

    Start MFP Weight: 149.0
    Start Weight for Challenge: 140.0
    Goal Weight for Challenge: 120.0
    Ultimate Goal Weight:115.0
  • Peechiz12
    Peechiz12 Posts: 62 Member
    MFP Start Weight: 196.8
    Starting Weight for Challenge: 192.6
    Goal Weight for Challenge: 172.0
    Ultimate Goal Weight: 165

    4/10: 192.6
    4/17: 192.1
    4/24: 188.7

    Challenge Loss: 3.4
  • frontdoorangel
    frontdoorangel Posts: 34 Member
    MFP start weight:234
    Start weight for challenge: 225
    Goal weight for challenge: 205
    Ultimate Goal weight: 160

    Current weight: 219
  • GrammyPeachy
    GrammyPeachy Posts: 1,723 Member
    SW: 313.2
    April 10: 202.6
    April 17: 202
    April 24: 200
    GW: 185

    UGW: 153
  • heatherc369
    heatherc369 Posts: 1,555 Member
    Looking at the spreadsheet I seem to be a week ahead somehow? Not sure how that happened? I weigh in on Fridays, but took a starting weight the first day of the challenge (4-6-15) So I am not sure if my stats are in the right spot on the spreadsheet?? HELP! lol

    CSW 4-6-15 198.4
    4-10-15 196.8
    4-17-15 196.2
    4-24-15 195.4

    Down only 3 lbs since start of challenge :(

  • jennb3056
    jennb3056 Posts: 21 Member
    4/6: 155.5
    4/17: 152.5
    4/24: 151.5

    Total loss so far: 4.0
    Pounds left to lose: 16.0

    Happy I lost this week at all, last weekend I celebrated my birthday a little too much :wink:
  • clemsonurnge
    clemsonurnge Posts: 2 Member
    4/7: 245.6
    4/13: 240.2
    4/20: 239.6

    Total loss: 6lbs

    I travel for work a lot and it is killing me! I still managed to lose last week though... smh
  • rkcampbell
    rkcampbell Posts: 188 Member
    Week 1: 184
    Week 2: 185.5
    Week 3: 183

    Down 2.5 this week, total loss 1. I'm so glad to be back on track!!!!

    MFP Starting Weight: 239
    Challenge Starting Weight: 184
    Challenge Goal: 169
  • bjpryor30
    bjpryor30 Posts: 14 Member
    edited April 2015
    Really surprised at my loss. 1.5 more lbs down. 170's here I come. Can't wait to be in the 140's! Can someone please add my week 3 weight? 188. Thanks!
  • Soliasan
    Soliasan Posts: 30 Member
    @heatherc369 You recorded your weight twice during the first week, that's probably why its off on the spreadsheet. Also losing one pound a week is great. Some weeks you will lose more, others less but from what I've seen it usually balances out in the end.
  • AmandaStrickland1
    AmandaStrickland1 Posts: 58 Member
    4/17- 146.8
    4/25 - 147.6

    Up 0.8 pounds. Guess the only thing I can do, is try to do better. If I can just get in the 130's at the end of this challenge, I will be thrilled.
  • zoomtech16
    zoomtech16 Posts: 100 Member
    Week 1 255 lbs
    Week 2 251.8 lbs
    Week 3 249.8 lbs
    loss -5.2 lbs

    I made an inspiration journal this week, and it is working awesome. Right now in it I just have the reasons I want to lose weight, some pictures of people I admire (who also have great bodies lol) and compliments people have given me. I look at it every time I want to eat too much and drink a bottle of water, and then I don't overeat.