Daily Report -2015- 4-20

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It's a great afternoon. Hope everyone is doing well!

I went hiking this morning - over 5 hours! Beautiful day, beautiful scenery, had a wonderful time.

My veggies are doing wonderful. The bees are out and the plants are flowering.

"Don't stop when you are tired, stop when you are done!"



  • Mrsallen6_11
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    Hey everyone,

    I had a pretty fun sniffly weekend. I'm ALMOST over this cold, but I'm still making it regardless. We discovered this weekend that we have a small hive of bees living in our backyard (we had found a larger one earlier this year but we had a guy come in and safely take them,) so hopefully that will help my flowers and all of our veggies grow and maybe we'll be able to get some honey off of them. My dog doesn't understand that they don't like to play though so he gets stung a lot.

    I worked out this morning, YAY, and this afternoon I plan to do a 45-55 min. circuit. I can't wait for dinner tonight though because I've been craving a taco ALL weekend lol, so I have officially made tonight TACO Night lol.



    Hope everyone else had a good day too.

    ~ Kris