Who does/did Wendler 5/3/1?

mirrim52 Posts: 763 Member
I am thinking of switching to Wendlers in May.
Did you like it? Was there something you didn't like?

I will have to admit, the only thing I don't like is the deadlift weights. Because of the light starting weights, I will have to stack plates again :(


  • Llamapants86
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    The stacking plates is a bit of pain for DL's and I find I do a lot more loading of the bar than I did on SL because your working weights change in a workout. Other than that I found Wendlers great because I could still have structured training and have spontaneity/variaty in my accessories. I also find it easier to fine 30-45 minutes 4 x a week than an hour and a bit 3x a week.
  • krokador
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    I did it for a while and will go back to it eventually because I really like the setup. I have access to bumper plates so to me the deadlift was not an issue (and even then, I was okay warming up with 25 plates, they just felt like deficit deadlifts). But I do like the flexibility and the fact you can go for AMRAPs and the progression is not linear and you can add some stuff that you like at the end without it taking 2 hours.

    The one big flaw of the program is there is not enough pulling IMO, and not enough squat frequency, but that can always be solved with the accessory work you do :)
  • mirrim52
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    I'm not too worried about squat frequency. We do a lot of squat stuff at derby since you skate is a partial squat stance. My lower body is well ahead of my upper.

    I am debating switching programs, or just going to 3x5 for a while. I feel like I need a change. I get bored when I am stagnant, and bored means more likely to skip workouts. I think I'll give it a shot. If I don't like it, I can always change back. :)

    Oh, and the more I think of it.... I am only 5'0". If 45 lb plates are the right size for a grown man, I am sure 35 will be a good height for me... Maybe even 25s.
  • Fittreelol
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    I run 531 and I love it. It's incredibly versitile and customizable. IIRC Llama is a runner so she's spending 30-45 minutes a session and making progress. Meanwhile I'm a powerlifter and spend 90 or so minutes per session dending on the week (I actually run 351, and do extra sets on "3" week and "531" week), and I'm making progress. I do recommend reading the books so you can tailor the program to your goals.