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More than a way of life

Z_I_L_L_A Posts: 2,399 Member
I've been doing Crossfit for maybe 8 months. I feel better, have better mobility, better muscle definition, stronger now than just doing the gym scene......and the best thing about it is I have an extended new family that covers the US. No matter where I go or what box I go to they are like family. I am 47 years old as of yesterday, just finished 2nd in a strongman competition and in a couple of weeks going to run a 10K with my CF friends. I'm 6'3" and 240 lbs. I can lift more than most, run further and faster than most men my age.

Bottom line, this is what crossfit has done for me so far. So for all the haters, bashers and nay sayers of crossfit. Heres one dude thats proof it works and won't kill ya. If you still don't like it, fine. I don't give a *kitten*, so kiss my Zilla @ss.

That is all,lol.


  • GiddyupTim
    GiddyupTim Posts: 2,819 Member
    Well, you didn't finish first . . .
    Just kidding.
    (I only dare to jest because that is clearly an incredible accomplishment, especially for an older dude.)
  • drelan
    drelan Posts: 59 Member
    Seven weeks here...I love the taste of CrossFit Kool-Aid!