Daily Report -2015- 5-18

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Good afternoon everyone

Working on thinning my beets. I hate to thin things. I just want them all to grow. lol So I spent 2 hours transplanting little starts that I would just have to pull out. The weather is being helpful. It is a cool cloudy day today (not what the weatherman forcasted) so hopefully most will take. I'll take all the beets I can get.

Did lunges and squats this morning and was hoping for a hike this afternoon but looks like rain instead. I'll have to use the treadmill tonight.

Happy day all!

"Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off the goal." ~ Hannah More



  • FitStrongHealthy
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    Congrats Alisa on the pull ups yesterday, I'm jealous. My husband and I had to thin out my carrots this weekend too, loads of fun lol.

    Today has been a busy day, but it has still be a good day. I got my workout in this morning, and I'm planning to add in a run to my workout this afternoon as a warmup (mainly because my husband told me I didn't use my treadmill enough, well I'll show him lol :tongue:).


    Have a good day everyone.

    ~ Kris
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    Hello !

    Today I spent 2h mowing the lawn (last time cause the house is sold), I took a short walk and wanted to sweat some more so I did a little 10 minutes of jump rope.