Buying New Clothes

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So as part of one of my businesses, I evaluate customer service and do audits. In short, I shop for a living and am faced with a dilemma. Many projects I take on require me to buy clothes that I am later reimbursed for on top of my wage.

Now that my waist is shrinking slowly but surely I need some advice on what to do when buying clothes. Do I buy one size smaller than what fits? I was in GUESS today and tried on these amazing black jeans in a 29. I'm around a 31/32/33 right now. Ideally I'd like to fit in a 28 or less in six months.

What would you do? What do you do? :)


  • walkdmc
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    Get all my friends a job! Seriously, that sounds like my kind of work!

    I would get the 29's. By the time you get into 28's, you'll want to do a whole trip for that.
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    I'd probably buy one size smaller. You know you're going to get there and having them may even motivate you more to get there! And I agree with @walkdmc once you get to a 28 you'll want to do a whole spree for that.:)
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    I speak from a couple decades of experience with this issue. There will ALWAYS be super cute clothes. You will find size 28 jeans you'll like even more than those black Guess pair. Plus, you don't know what shape your butt will evolve into as you lose. Maybe what looks fabulous now will look like mom jeans when you reach goal.
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    Thank you! There were a few 29s on a double discount so I got those. Excited to fit into them later down the road :-)